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  1. Indeed. I usually cast, then tighten the line while still holding the rod in my hand (in front of the rod pod), then I engage the baitrunner and pull line out as I walk back to the rod pod, and gently set the rod down. That way, I'm 100% sure the baitrunner is engaged.

  2. I took my family out for a picnic at Hains Point and am happy to see that Hains Point seems to be coming back to life.

    While the water was still pretty murky from last week's rain and floods, I managed to catch five fish in five hours. Low to mid teens.

    Lots of fish jumping as well.






  3. How is the fishing at Aquia? I have fished along the Potomac a bit but not there. Is it really weedy?

    It's a bit weedy in April, but you can fish on top of the weeds, if you don't drag the bait too much. After May, it's impossible to fish because of the weeds.

    I actually only had one good session there. Here's the report: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/48118-what-a-great-april-day-in-northern-virginia-usa/.

    Since then I tried 3-4 more times, with only one or two fish per session.

  4. Wow! Thanks Moon, I dodn't know about this! It seems there's a Romanian channel online dedicated to fishing, 24/7. My old man will be thrilled.

    There's an english channel there, too: http://pv-tv.tv

    Skimming thru the video: the guy on the couch says he doesn't like the line aligner and prefers a long shank hook instead, while the guy at the desk says the line aligner is more useful during the fight than during the hook-up....

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