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  1. another thing to consider is PVA that will keep your bait tight with your hookbait and yuo could put that on the deeper bubbling fish and another rod on the fish that you can see from stalking. Just a thought then you can focus a little on both spots if yuo can cast to both from a good spot on the other side. Good luck to you hope to see some pics soon.

  2. There are some good videos out that will help learn how and why to explore your waters looking for features that will draw fish. I saw one with Kevin Nash dont remember where I saw it maybe youtube I cant remember may have been one of his videos but I would search youtube I am sure you could find some good videos to help you out. Spodding is good when you find a small feature that will naturaly draw fish and with a spod you can bait up a small area and not spread your freebies all over the place. That way you can keep the fish's attention focused closer to your hookbait. Good luck I am sure some others will chime in and put in there .02

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