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  1. rab546


    Signed, checked back today to see if it had at least reached 200 but unfortunately hasn't. Hopefully it can get some more attention after the holidays.
  2. rab546

    Finally a couple

    I've been putting in the hours this spring but sure haven't been setting anything on fire with my catch rate. Actually was getting paranoid that i was doing something wrong and went through re tying hair rigs, making sure to pin everything down as best i could. Switched over to using a short leadcore leader in the hopes of pickling up a few more fish but for the most part the results have stayed consistent. So I have switched through multiple types of baits and flavors in the hopes of finally finding that magic ingredient. Well i still haven't found it, but i have been fishing waters that i'm not familar with around st catherines and niagara and having a bloody good time just finding new areas to fish and learning the waters so i'm sure they will pay out eventually. Got into a few over at Jordan harbor, during the week the canoe club is fairly quiet. First fish had real washed out color to it but had a ton of life and ran for every snag. My best so far this year fell to a couple of maple peas over a bed of hemp and wildbird seed. It was 25.6lbs and was fairly beaten up from spawning i assume. Ended up banking 6 fishing in the low teens and losing a couple to snags. Can't wait until i can get back out for a few more
  3. Looks like a good day on the bank.
  4. Thats a bonnie wee fish I too thought that with the approaching storm would create some activity but missed out on the evening bite to get some sleep before work.
  5. Glad to see you got into them. Wtg
  6. Awesome. You have gotten it dialled in and enjoying some great sessions. Jealous of your swim looks very peaceful and secluded.
  7. That was a good read Hawkwise always look forward to getting to read about your fishing adventures. Beauty of a fish! Congratulations on the new PB.
  8. That's awesome catching those freight trains on a centerpin. I always have more success fishing a float, but I always reach for the euro gear first. Karma is looking out for you after throwing the weekend fish in (maybe a little skill as well ;-)
  9. rab546

    Mirror Mirror

    It wasn't one of the most productive days or nicest with the threat of rain on the horizon and expected by lunch time. But i have the week off work and was going fishing either way while i had the opportunity. Was a real slow start to the day I was seeing shoulders coming out in the distance 200-250yrds or so out, well beyond my casting range but at least i knew they were in the vicinity and hopefully as the morning warmed up they would come closer into the shallows.The water is still pretty cold so i didn't bother putting bait out instead i was just attaching small pva sticks with a couple kernals of corn to try and get a bite or two. Ended up with 3 small but fiesty Carp on the mat largest of which was around 12lbs. The last one being my first scaley one so thought i would share. Has some damage on the gill plate of its left side.
  10. rab546

    Valley Inn

    I know a few people fish around the valley Inn area in Hamilton (if you can stand the crowds or constantly being asked do you really fish for those) so thought i should give you a heads up. Burlington parking authority have been over there and handing out tickets to any of the overflow from the parking lot that are parking on the hill leading down. Parking is fairly limited there with the bird watchers, naturists and people out for a stroll especially on a long weekend but nobody wants to get a $100 ticket.
  11. Good on yah for getting out and getting into a few over this brutal winter. I haven't braved out in 2014 but I've definitely got the itch to get into a few
  12. Nope nothing yet.
  13. was down at the whirlpool last week after work to do some trout fishing. This time of year i always get the itch to head down that way. The water level hadn't changed yet to the lower levels I'm used to fishing during winter but the salmon bite was on.But what I was noticing was pods of carp patrolling along the edge. None of them particular huge but several fish in each group.
  14. rab546

    tv show

    Sorry Sorry I almost have your booties n mits ready for the winter sessions.
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