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  1. Id love to come but i am broke!! Good luck guys!
  2. Thanks guys!
  3. Well i was planing on attending the derby with some buddies but i had some baby momma drama which i had to deal with so we just fished here by my house on Grapevine lake!Pondbass came out also And what a day it was i caught a total of 17 fish not sure what Austin had but i know it was close to me n he even showed up 3 hours after we were there lol! Ok enough talk on to the pics! first catch of the day n within 5 mins of casting out a nice 10lb buff biggest common of the day for me 11lb a nice 10lb dark buff New PB Mirror 9.9lb 15lb buff 17lb swrily buff This is my Grapevine PB Buff 26.9lbs 3 catches in a row the buff n common were Austins n the buff was mine! corn corns 10lb buff Austin 22-4 buff Austin 21.8lb dark buff
  4. Thanks guys!!
  5. This Sunday! http://texasfishingforum.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/6146844/1
  6. Thanks guys !! He really had a blast!!
  7. Took My son out to fish Scotts landing today! Normally we hit Lake view park n do awesome but he wanted to go somewhere else lol!Im glad we did cuz we had a blast n he caught a new PB Buff his 1st one was a 17lb! ok now on to the pics! 23lb buff caught on a rose hip boilie!! I had to help hold the rod while he reeled it in but he was so happy n was i once we saw it n got it in the net! my 9lb common 11lb common another 11lb i caught a few more but didnt take pics nothing else over 9. but all in all we had fun!
  8. Thanks! Awesome same here usually the Marnia at night or the Wall!Have u Fished Sunshine Lake yet in Weatherford?
  9. Sweet sounds good man! ha Heck yah!
  10. Awesome i thought so! Thanks there deff will be seeing how im fishing almost everyday haha! Yah That would be awesome,r u guys out in weatherford? if so im always out there fishing either Sunshine lake or Weatherford Marina ive got some buddy's that i fish with out there!
  11. Thanks guys! Yeah That Camping spot is one of my Fav around the DFW area ! last month we camped there i caught a 30lb buff! Heres a pic! Btw did i meet u n Neil at little Petes on gvine sat?
  12. Well me n my buddy decided to take a another camping/fishing trip back to Mineral Wells State park!Boy am i glad we did we caught tons of fish n broke the lake Record for Common n landed 4 people their PB for commons! All in all it was an awesome trip besides the storms that kept rolling threw Sunday night! Mon n tuesday morning were just pack with catching fish! Got in a little fishing Sunday before we checked in to our Shelter only landed 2 heres a pic of 1!! Monday morning while i was passed out Nick was out fishing. he woke me up to net this n it was on after that! 14lb Lake Record Common (Prev Record was 11.36) 10lb Night time rolled around n i started to start hauling them in My buddy's 1st common ever n it was a beautiful one at that 10LB just wish it wasn't dark cuz this thing had a awesome orange stripe running down the top fin! Another buddy came out n hasnt been fishing since he was little n has never caught a fish!well here is his first fish well Tuesday morning rolled around n i fig i would get some fishing in while we packed up n thank god i did cuz i would have never landed my 1st Mirror!! may be 7lbs but i was jumping up n down screaming with joy ha!
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