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  1. We have a bit of a snaq in our peg locations. The Coxsackie riverfront park is closed as of 9/7/2021 because of a million dollar revitalization project , which won't be completed until 2022. So we are going to plan B.





    Henry Hudson Park



    Dutchmans Landing


    Catskill Point

  2. 1.     Barry Howard    NY         1-  2X  Tee          

    2.     Kosta Djordjevic ny                   

    3.    Janna Djordjevic    NY                 

    4.     Val Grimley           ny                   

    5.     Wayne Boon       CA                 

    6.     David Moore          OK                 

    7.     Mike Chancer       NY      1- 3X    1- 2X   1-XL  Tee           

    8.     Kate Hrabsky       NY               

    9.     Damien Gondek    NJ               

    10.   Pawel Szajna      NJ 

    11.   Richard De Oliveira  NJ   1- LG  Tee

    12.   Norbert Samok   NY

    13.   Brad Fromma      NY(canceled)

    14.   Chris Labucki     MA    1-xl tee

    15.   Mike Dragone    CT

    16.   Attila Agh           CT 

    17.   Matthew Paczka  NJ

    18.   Hunter Aitchison MA

    19.   Samuel Williams  NY - ordered 1 x XL & 1 3XL T-#### plus 1 x Extra Banquet Meal

    20.   Colin Peters       NY

    21.   Laszlo Csomai   NY

    22.   Tibor Feher    NY

    23.   Gabor Horvath   NY

    24.   Stelian Bogdan     NY   

    25.   Mark Rakitovan NY    2-  2X  Tee

    26.   Phil Saunders        NY

    27.   Rita Brown       NY  2-  LG Tee

    28.   Peter Sadlon CT    1- SM Tee    1  LG  tee

    29. Daniel Swartout NY - ordered 1 x XL T-####

    30. Jeffrey Pirog NJ   2- LG  Tee

    31. Brian Vedder NY - ordered 1 x XL T-Shirt

    32. Robert Michilak - MA   ordered 2 x 2XL Tshirts

    33. Steven Clow    CT    1...XL   tee

    34. Ed Wagner    NY

    35. Terry McGaw   IN

    36. Bob Giordano   NY (Quarantine)


  3. Hi Mike,

    When you first joined CAG in 2011 you were MikeR and you expired in 2013. In feb of this year  you rejoined as Michael Russell,which is now your user name.

    Sign on as michael russell and you should be ok. If you want to change your user name let me know.



  4. For those of you who have never fished the Hudson and even those that have, a friendly reminder that the Hudson can be difficult at times(currant,tides,boat traffic etc). Heavy leads are some times needed (4oz,6oz,some have used 8oz on occasion).  A long handle net would be helpful with most of the pegs , especially when the tide is out. I have a couple of long handle nets so If you are in need let me know. Maybe I could leave one in each section.

    It should be high tide the morning we start with the tide going out and coming back in before we end on Saturday.

  5. These locations are the same as the tentative pegs with the exception of two new pegs (12a and  12b) in Coxsackie.


    Here are the final peg locations,

    Section one  Coxsackie Riverside Park


    Section 2 Dutchmans Landing



    Section 3  Catskill Point



    A week from today the 2018 Karp King will be receiving his….

    2018 CarpKing.jpg



    Who will it be??? Will there be a repeat?(I don’t think that has ever been done) Will it stay in NY??? We will know in one week..stay tuned!!!!

  7. The CCC is a yearly CAG event that has been held in various locations around the US. This year it is in NY on the Hudson River. Anyone can participate as long as you are a cag member.

    If you go to the official cag events on the forum and click on CCC you will get all the info you need. 

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