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  1. Frank, I'm signing up mike because he doesn't have a computer.... mike keegan mikesr new york
  2. Hi Barry is the CAG Store secured I want to Register for the CCC


  3. Barry

    2019 CCC angler list

    Here pn this forum. The top of the page , click on the store and then 2019 CCC
  4. Jerome fishes around Montreal , he might be able to poi/nt you in the right direction.......
  5. Hi Mike, When you first joined CAG in 2011 you were MikeR and you expired in 2013. In feb of this year you rejoined as Michael Russell,which is now your user name. Sign on as michael russell and you should be ok. If you want to change your user name let me know. Barry
  6. So now I'm confused...I can fish every state in my region and still be ok for the big 4....correct?
  7. Barry

    2018 CCC Rules

    There is nothing in the rules that says you can't....soooo I guess the answer is yes
  8. For those of you who have never fished the Hudson and even those that have, a friendly reminder that the Hudson can be difficult at times(currant,tides,boat traffic etc). Heavy leads are some times needed (4oz,6oz,some have used 8oz on occasion). A long handle net would be helpful with most of the pegs , especially when the tide is out. I have a couple of long handle nets so If you are in need let me know. Maybe I could leave one in each section. It should be high tide the morning we start with the tide going out and coming back in before we end on Saturday.
  9. These locations are the same as the tentative pegs with the exception of two new pegs (12a and 12b) in Coxsackie. Here are the final peg locations, Section one Coxsackie Riverside Park Section 2 Dutchmans Landing Section 3 Catskill Point
  10. The only problem with that spot Sam is that at low tide is only about 6 inches of water
  11. I'm going to finalize them tonight. They're basically going to be the same the only changes there's two more pegs in Coxsackie
  12. Barry

    2018 Carp King

    A week from today the 2018 Karp King will be receiving his…. Who will it be??? Will there be a repeat?(I don’t think that has ever been done) Will it stay in NY??? We will know in one week..stay tuned!!!!
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