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  1. Hi fellow NY Carpers,

    My name is Barry and I live near Catskill Ny. I got started carp fishing around 2006 when an old timer I knew kept buggin me to come down to the Hudson and watch him catch carp. I finally gave in and went to "watch". After a short time he got a fish on and he handed me the pole and that was all it took,I was hooked better than the fish he had on. I started doing some research online and was introduced to whole new world of carp fishing that I never knew exsisted. I also discovered that the old guy was way out of line in the way he fished for the carp and handled the carp.

    After buying the proper gear, I soon started to experiment with the "Euro" style of fishing and I started catching fish. I discovered CAG in 07 and joined up and learned even more about this great sport. I'm still learning and I am looking forward to trying different tactics and tackle and places to fish here in NY. So far the only place I've ever fished for carp has been the Hudson. From what I'm seeing and reading NY has some top rated carp waters. I'm hoping you guys can steer me in the right direction...............Tight lines

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