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  1. Hey Donnyboy, I am right down the street in Rockland. It would be great to catch up with you when you are out scouting the south shore. Have you tried the Taunton River? I have fished with that Lefty guy, good guy, might be new to carp but knows his fishing.
  2. Hey Lefty, was wondering where you have been hiding lately. Dave, how long is the Blackstone off limits? Is it just off limits for using corn?
  3. That smile looks familiar.
  4. Hey Guys, My name is Chris. I am a soon to be retired commercial diver and a fanatical kayak fisherman from the south shore of MA. I was introduced to carp fishing last fall and am completely hooked. I also fish for stripers and largemouth. I would love the oppertunity to fish with some of you weathered carp fisherman. Question,I have done a fair amount of fishing in the upper reaches of the Taunton river, but haven't tried it for carp yet. Any one fish it?
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