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  1. Hey up folks been doing a spot off gentle Autumn float fishing on my local River Real Margin fishing with a 9ft Extractor and fav Waggler with a hook bait of one plastic corn pushed to the eye of the hook and below that two Power Gulp Maggots on a size 10 Hook and 10 pound line just cast a rod length out just out past near near side reed bed . while feeding little and often Cow Corn Chick pea and Hemp Mix , been fun and a nice way to catch fish , hope i can get a least a couple more good sessions in before the big freeze.. Cheers The Hawk Oh and the photos .... ha all the fish
  2. Nice Gurt dark common get in !!
  3. Get In !!! just keep going and they will come ...
  4. Nice days fishing. ahhh nothing like it . Get In !!
  5. Cracking mirror lovely jumbly ..
  6. Cheers folks it's been a blast so far this year, AND yep those pink Gulp Maggots shore seem to get the big old Lumps in to the net.... roll on tomorrow of out again for the day tight lines the hawk.
  7. Enjoyed that ,some nice Gurt Carp there. cheers to ya the hawk
  8. The Evening of Sunday 8 th June thought i would go off Spend a couple hours at my Fav ole fishing spot not really expecting to catch, it was more of a case of baiting up the swim for the next Stupid 0 clock Morning but thought i would put a line out for hour or two anyway. it was a bright a lovley evening i love fishing of this little Canoe dock ( why i normally only fish there stupid 0clock in the morning) so was it unusual for me try and fish it in the evening ( though often pre bait there in evenings) because it can get busy with canoe's well it is a canoe dock haha. When i arrived i w
  9. If we had two vehicles i'd never be home lol
  10. Hey up folks i have been up early at Stupid o clock for a few early Morning session before the Mrs gets up and takes the truck to work. first session was fishing lighter tackle with my 9ft stalker using a small cage feeder of ground corn and hemp with a hook bait of plastic pop up corn and two gulp power maggots lost count of how many fish hit the net , 5 Cats and about 10 Carp good Mornings Angling all the fish were around the 6 to 8 pound mark but lots of fun on the 9ft stalker though did net one a little bit Bigger................... The following Morning i was again up at Stupid 0 cloc
  11. Lovely Gurt Carp get in !!! Sounds like a good day which is what its all about . Boom Get in..
  12. Looks lovely swim . Nice Gurt Carp get in !!
  13. Yes it is a Homemade Waggler Sherwood ..
  14. 22 may 2014 . Spent a Nice Sunny day Float fishing , with my fav little Waggler , and My Wychwood Extractor Rod what a blast great fun, lost count of how many fish i caught must off been around 18 fish most around the 12 to 15 Lbs mark and a 21 and a 19. Simple old style fishing , proper fishing as my old Dad would say , just 3 bits of Muscle Corn direct to the hook with nice small stick Waggler over a bed of Maze fed Little and often.... ​When i arrived i spent a good 15 min just standing on the bridge watching the water and over to one corner not far from where i often set up i saw lots bub
  15. Love fishing the float . love that Gurt Muddler such cool fish i reckon . think maybe you should get your ass down this way again before the Winter haha oh and where is our fishing report lolz
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