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  1. Hi Martyn, good to see another carp guy posting information on the CAG Forum- welcome!

    I am a fellow ex-Pat from Newcastle and now live in Evanston, Il. I'm not familiar with any other carp guys in your immediate area but there are quite a few in the Detroit area and also further north in Holland. You should send a message to a member called Flycarpster- he fishes from kayak a lot and I'm sure would be interested in getting together to fish with you. Also, send me a PM or look me up on Facebook under my name.

  2. At no point did I say anything about pinning your feeder to a swivel, carp often shake the feeder loose and it travel up the leadcore no problem at all. I also didn'y say you should use a rig which allows the feeder to move along the leadcore- you're incorrect on both counts. You really need to watch a Brian Wingard video on Youtube entitled "Sliding bolt rig how to tutorial." This would clear up your obvious confusion immediately.

    You seem to be under the impression that our rigs are very different when nothing could be further from the truth. The only difference is at the very end where you use a metal ring and I use a spliced loop. I've used a sliding bolt rig several times but use a rubber bead on the line or leadcore as shown in the video mentioned above.

    Make no mistake, your rig as described by you is a bolt rig, whether you chose to call it that or not.

    You clearly have a huge chip on your shoulder where Euro "snobbery" is concerned. Ironic that you use so much Euro gear in your fishing then! Hair rig, shrink tube kickers, method feeders, alarms and I'd bet a whole lot of other gear in your collection is all European by design.

  3. Your ignorance is truly overwhelming so being smarter than you takes little effort. I never mentioned putting the feeder on the main line- you still use leadcore with a swivel on the hooklink end which embeds into the lower part of the feeder. Fish then feel resistance from the feeder and bolt- hence "bolt rig"

    Yes, I'm from the U.K but not even close to being a snob, wrong adjective I'm afraid! You post a non stop litany of presumptions and incorrect statements which continue to make you look foolish and I'm supposed to STFU? If you really have studied catching carp then how did you miss the blatant fact that not a single leader which is produced by leading carp companies has anything fixed above the feeder. During their countless years in fishing have they all overlooked something that you discovered, or is it more logical to assume that you're just too hard headed to accept good advice?

    Carry on calling me names all you like but at the very least when I'm wrong about something I'll admit it, and if someone shows me a better way, I'll accept it.

  4. Your ideas on why a bolt rig works are so way off it's not funny! The mechanics has nothing to do with a ring at the end of your leader. Time to study up and stop making yourself look foolish by being a smart ass- "death rig" may be European but it's still valid when talking about rigs for fish over here. I'm totally concerned about fish safety, same as you should be- we're part of a catch and release group after all. Catching a fish by sticking a hook in it's mouth is a far cry from letting it swim around for possibly the rest of its life attached to a feeder which probably gets snagged on objects and could easily tether the fish permanently. Using a spliced loop doesn't mean your going to lose any more gear than with your rig- it's just as quick to attach to your line and as you're so concerned about expense, actually cheaper.

  5. The big problem with the rig shown above is the swivel above the feeder- death rig. Should be a spliced loop instead. Rig should be designed so that in the event of a break, the feeder/lead can slide off as a fish pulls. A swivel would prevent this happening so a fish would end up dragging the feeder as it swam.

  6. I use Coretex strippable braid and tie rig blow back style. Even if I make sure to start the turns opposite the opening, I find the knot slipping through the opening while playing a fish. Haven't lost any, but now I make sure to close the eye.

  7. The only issue I have with the Gamakatsu hooks is the eye on every hook I bought online isn't fully closed. I ordered 10 packs so have 100 hooks that require attention from some needle nosed pliers. Not the biggest problem in the world but disappointing nonetheless.

  8. Update.......still for sale are:

    2x Wychwood Signature Alarms $50

    Chub 4 Star Rod Holdall $50

    Fox Warrior 2 3/4lb Rod 12' $40

    Chub Snooper Carryall

    Flajzar Alarms Set- 3 Alarms and a Receiver in a case $400 (Offers are encouraged!)

    Spod Rod, Daiwa Sealine 5500 Bri reel loaded with 50lb Power Pro, Daiwa Rod Sleeve, Large Spomb $100


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