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  1. Met Lika with a sunrise carp Darren Calver Illinois
  2. Darren Calver 10lbs 2oz Met Lika 10lbs 0oz 9.47am
  3. Count me and Met in for the Wooden Spoon!
  4. Hi Martyn, good to see another carp guy posting information on the CAG Forum- welcome! I am a fellow ex-Pat from Newcastle and now live in Evanston, Il. I'm not familiar with any other carp guys in your immediate area but there are quite a few in the Detroit area and also further north in Holland. You should send a message to a member called Flycarpster- he fishes from kayak a lot and I'm sure would be interested in getting together to fish with you. Also, send me a PM or look me up on Facebook under my name.
  5. Camping weekend works for me- looking forward to it! Fishing plans for next Spring and Summer will keep me going during the oncoming Winter!
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