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  1. basshunter125

    Michigan fish-in

    Might try to come out and learn!!
  2. Going out to portage lake in the Chelsea area and was wondering if there are any good lakes to try. Thanks guys
  3. No worrys found out Austin lives near by and I recruited him to come catch the fish for me....
  4. I'll post up a picture of my rig later. The reason I've been using pop ups is because the pond bottom has a lot of tall weeds and is very muddy. I found that sinking rigs were completely covered in seaweed and were unreconganizable. As soon as I switched to pop ups I started getting more bites. There are a ton of turtles and birds in the area and anything that gets thrown in the water results in a mad dash by all species except the carp...lol Thanks guys!
  5. So I started fishing a small local pond a few weeks ago that is literally a cesspool of carp. Everything from 8-20+ lb fish in here! Its extremely small (100 yards by 100 yards) but its close to home. Anyways the last few times I've been out carp have been rolling and shooting out of the water at almost all hours of the day. Boilies didnt seem to work(Tried equinox and strawberry) and I also used 3 pieces of floating enterprise pineapple maize. All were on hair rigs with #8 hooks and tied correctly. 1" down the rig was a small spit spot and 6" down I had a swivel and 1oz weight( no current in the water) I made sure the line laid flat so they werent bumping it and getting spooked but they dont seem to lie anything! Had one small run today but couldnt get the hook set. The pond is fished a ton for bass(even though there are none) so I imagine the fish are use to seeing lures and bait and know better but I mean c'mon!!! Been out 8 times with no luck, just a few runs and close calls!
  6. I have been using hair rigs with boilies however I want to try using corn. What brand/flavor would you suggest? And does it matter if its "floating corn" or not?
  7. Im looking for a baitrunner style reel and a cheap 10-12ft rod but cant find any used or new for under $80 in my area. Everything is from china and I will not buy from overseas again! Waiting over 2 weeks now for my pod to get here from the UK.
  8. Not sure what to bait it with and/or if its legal. Its a 100ft by 100ft pond so not sure how much baiting would do lol.
  9. So Im new to carping and have a very small budget but need to buy some equipment. I think ill be buying an okuma avenger baitrunner for now but need a rod. Ive found a few decent surf rods for under $50 and was wondering if theyre the same as carp rods? I know TC is important and this one is around 2.75lbs. Also if anyone knows where I could get some cheap beginner rods I would appreciate it! Its hard finding anything used or in the US since its not such a big game fish here. Thanks!
  10. For the last three days Ive been fishing a pond near my house that is loaded with carp. It is like the playboy mansion of carp. There are many between 10-20lbs that Ive seen surface and for the life of me I cannot catch a single one!!!!! The pond is about 10-15ft deep but the water is extremely murky. The fish seem to stay about 6" under the water and feed of the surface. I watch an average of 15 fish per hour surface in the evening hours but during the day they just swim around 4-6" under the water. I have been using 15lb mono filament with an 3/8oz(used larger too but theres almost no current) egg weight connected to a barrel swivel. From that swivel I have an 6" leader going to a hair rig with a strawberry world classic pop up. Ive experimented with allowing the pop up to float higher off the bottom and have also tried some carolina rigs with a treble and corn but nothing works!!! I also tried to put a small hook on a piece of bread since they were surfacing but the bread kept sinking! I know if you compress it that it becomes less bouyant but how else are you suppose to get it to stay? I just want to catch some fish!!! I have an 8ft berkely catfish rod with a spinning reel that I leave on a rod holder. Please show me some rigs and suggestions on baits. Most of the areas I plan on fishing have quite a bit of underwater vegetation so I really dont think groundbaits or sinking boilies will work.
  11. Hmm ill have to give that a try then!
  12. Noticed alot of carp in the lower rouge and surrounding waters. Tried to fish a local pond that ive seen a ton of carp in with no luck. Watched them swim in groups around my bait. What has worked for you guys as far as baits/rigs? They always seem to be surfacing when im out but I dont have the equipment to surface fish
  13. Planning a trip this summer with my buddy to go on a camping trip. Looking for a place with good fishing(carp especially!) and camping if possible! If anyone has any idea let me know! Thinking of trying the Waterloo rec area since Ive fished there quite a bit but I dont think they have any sites with direct lake axis for late night fishing. Thanks guys!
  14. Ive been researching boilies for the last few days and feel I understand the different types pretty well but I dont want to blow a ton of money on baits that wont work (even tho thats part of fishing lol) so from what ive gathered I need a high protein pop up style boilie. World classic baits have a few nice ones but im curious as to which colors/flavors work best at this lake? Im thinking white color and the pineapple flavor? Not asking for anyone to give away secrets but I need help haha! Thanks!
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