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  1. I saw something about a team event somewhere, can one of the officials explain what that is please?
  2. Hi Chad, Last time when it was held at Lake Storey i was able to enter it with my 5 year old and we fished together with the understanding that he would need some help with casting and netting fish, will be it be the same this year as i would like to bring both of my boys along this time.
  3. Great to see it come home, we will be there.
  4. Hi all, i live in Wisconsin and my friend lived in Kansas, we are looking for a water halfway between us that we can both meet up at for a weekends fishing, Des Moines is the halfway point. Is anyone willing to share some information on some waters?
  5. Thank you all for making Marco so wellcome today, we left with him absolutly buzzin. You all made his day in so many ways. Thank you all. See you all next year Mark & Marco
  6. To save me reading every post, can someone please post an address i can punch into my gps
  7. Does anyone have any experience carp in on Lake Como? I am looking for a local lake to Lake Geneva, would be great if there are carp in there.
  8. Need to know CCC location
  9. I will be bringing my young son with me where would the nearest restroom be?
  10. Guys, I cannot find the CCC fishing rules anywhere, can someone post a link to them please.
  11. Any of you boys had any experience carping on Lake Geneva?
  12. Ladies and Gents, Thank you all for your offers, help and guidance. I have hooked up with Paul Sander for my first trip out on Sunday who as been an absolute star bringing me up to speed in the carp scene over here. I hope to see you all at some stage on the bank, and I look forward to entering a few of the tournaments. Thank you all Mark
  13. Hi Carpinken, We are Wisconsin, about 20 minutes over the Illinois border
  14. Hi my name is Mark and i have recently moved to Lake Geneva from the UK. I have been a carp angler for 20+ years and fished all over the UK and France with a PB of 50Ib Common and 49Ib Mirror, i have bags of experience fishing high pressure waters targeting single fish and just as much fishing in shoal type situations with the aim of picking out the larger lunkers. I am keen to get into the carp scene here and would like to hook up with someone or a group of you so that i can get some bankside social time with the aim of me getting better understanding of the rules and regulations that you have over here, what works, what doesnt etc. I am 42 years old and a very serious angler, so you dont need to worry about ending up with a jerk on the bank with you for the day that you cant wait to get away from. Thanks Mark
  15. Hi all, I have recently moved from the UK to Lake Geneva and am keen to get amongst the carp scene over here. I a well seasoned Carp angler who has fished for Carp for around 23 years been a syndicate member member of some of the best fisheries in the Uk and fished all over France and have a PB of 50ib. Are there any of you out there prepared to have me tag along on a few social fishing trips so that I can get the lowdown on the rules etc over here? My tackle arrived Wednesday so I'm ready and able to go. I would also love to attempt the FFFHI but don't have a fishing buddy...........anyone fancy spending the day with a bloody Brit lol
  16. Hi, My name is Mark Pinner and I am about to relocate from the UK to Lake Geneva, WI. I have been a carp angler for 25 years and have fished all over Europe with a personal best common of 50Ib 5oz and a Mirror of 47Ib 11oz. I thought I was going to have to leave my gear in storage in the UK until I return to the UK in 3 to 4 years but I am now extremely excited to come across you guys and are keep to meet up on a few socials. My gear won't arrive until November, so I will spend the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 doing some research. Is anyone on here fishing Lake Geneva? Where an I get the USA fishing rules. Do you boys allow the use of RC Bait boats?
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