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  1. werewolf won

    Sick Carp?

    Looked almost like blisters, with a whitish mold like color to them. It is the only fish I've ever released and wondered if I might not be better off digging a hole and planting it. I hope I did not re-release a plage into the lake.
  2. werewolf won

    Sick Carp?

    Sorry, I’m an angler not a photographer. Don't even own a camera.
  3. werewolf won

    Sick Carp?

    I landed a small Common carp last night and it was covered in half dollar sized sores. They were all over the animal. Is this some kind of a normal molt, or a disease of some kind? Aside from the sores the fins were in excellent condition and the fish seemed to put up a decent fight for its size. Based on the big boillie it ate I’d assume it is still eating too. Thanks, Jon
  4. The Bear's Den is hosting a free event this Saturday at the Holiday Inn, Taunton MA. Lots of local fly tyers, anglers, guides, speakers, etc. Starts at 11:00 AM. Carp are a blast on the fly. Jon
  5. Done and done! Last I heard from Nigel he was closing Eurotackle and going back to motor sports, I glad to hear he still wets a line every now and again. Thank you Sir
  6. I'm new to the board and while I live in Southeastern Mass I do a lot of my carp angling in RI. Years ago I fished with a transplanted Englishman named Nigel, I've lost touch with him and carping too. Time to start again seriously. Wolf
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