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  1. Rob Shiflet and I shared a swim yesterday to test out some new gear and some new baits......and to knock the dust off.

    The water we fished was completely iced over 2 days ago....but the fish are starting to move and feed.


  2. If it weren't for Bob...CAG Ohio might disperse ...he is the foundation of this group in Ohio...90% of us joined because of meeting him bankside or chats with him on other fishing forums . I also can say he is the main reason we STAY members. I'm not saying other Ohio State chairs have not done great jobs , but the carp world in Ohio just FEELS right with him leading the way and I personally want to thank him for ALL that he does for us....now it's time for US to give back to him.

  3. I've said it many times on this forum , Nash makes cheap Chinese junk and sells it under the well know Nash name...but it's still junk.

    I do think they make nice bed chairs and bivvies but they should have stayed with what they know...not rods and reels.

    I own a Nash ball maker and do think it's a good idea. I will keep it until a better manufacturer like Fox or Korda come out with a better version....then I will give the Nash one away.

    Until then it remains the ONLY tackle item from Nash and will NEVER own anything else from them.

  4. Fished Saturday with Craig Welch and glad he showed up to spend some bank time with me , he not only was great company but was kind enough to help me with another 40 lb carp that I have added to my list of catches by taking lots of great pictures with his camera and my phone. Thanks again Craig I owe you big time.

    Final call on weight by Craig was 40.0 lbs. even...I was shaking holding my Fox digital scale and it kept bouncing between 39.15 and 40.01...when I held as still as I could it settled on the 40 even mark.


  5. Bob , I was just messing with you.....I thought you still had a set of 12' Rangemasters I's in 3.00TC that you use with your shimano Areo's. If Vince is not interested , let me know.

    Glad to see Richie and Bill coming down..looks like all of Ohio carpers will be there now...have a good time gents..good luck in 2014.

  6. Brooksey, man that sucks....I really loved Frank's new bait range......geez that's horrible.

    If you got some inside info on SOLAR baits.....please PM me .

    Rebel , I contacted Dave and Jim at BCT , I had a LONG bulk list, but they could not get the items for me.....I'm about to start paying some UK mates to smuggles some baits into the USA for me.

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