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  1. I posted on your thread , I want the Fox rod , if your still interested in selling contact me at hollarmatt@gmail.com

  2. I figured you and Rob will be there. ..I could tell by the forecast. ...geez!
  3. By the way...Craig , what are the 3 big carp so far caught at a fish in this year...just need to know what I need to beat to get one of those awesome medals !
  4. Who's all going ??? Looks like most are waiting to see what this hurricane does....I too am keeping as close eye on the forecast (NO Vince. Do NOT say anyyhing...it changes daily...dont jinx it...lol)
  5. I have tried so many times to register on the leader board and can't get passed 5he stupid log in...I can log in on the forum with my password...but can not log in on the leader board. ..what gives ?????
  6. My common caught on Solar bunspice 14mm pop up.
  7. Rob's nice mirror...caught on Splashbaits 16mm coconut pop up.
  8. Rob Shiflet and I shared a swim yesterday to test out some new gear and some new baits......and to knock the dust off. The water we fished was completely iced over 2 days ago....but the fish are starting to move and feed.
  9. If it weren't for Bob...CAG Ohio might disperse ...he is the foundation of this group in Ohio...90% of us joined because of meeting him bankside or chats with him on other fishing forums . I also can say he is the main reason we STAY members. I'm not saying other Ohio State chairs have not done great jobs , but the carp world in Ohio just FEELS right with him leading the way and I personally want to thank him for ALL that he does for us....now it's time for US to give back to him.
  10. 2015 season....here we come ! !

  11. Thanks again Bob and everyone that showed . ..2015 here we come !!
  12. Johnsonross Is My Favorite Shop In The UK , never received any extra fees or taxes after any of my purchases.
  13. I've said it many times on this forum , Nash makes cheap Chinese junk and sells it under the well know Nash name...but it's still junk. I do think they make nice bed chairs and bivvies but they should have stayed with what they know...not rods and reels. I own a Nash ball maker and do think it's a good idea. I will keep it until a better manufacturer like Fox or Korda come out with a better version....then I will give the Nash one away. Until then it remains the ONLY tackle item from Nash and will NEVER own anything else from them.
  14. Thanks guys...The big girl came out 3 weeks later caught by Rob Shiflet at 41.01 lbs. So she's doing well and putting on weight.
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