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  1. Obsesed Carper in TX.....Thanks for the suggestion...sirwiam
  2. I live within reasonable driving distance of Lake Tahoe in California. Q..... Can anybody provide info on Carp in the Lake or any of the many lakes in the area?? The best I've been able to find so far is that ..yes Carp exist in the big lake..but no answers as to what type, where is best place to fish and what is size potential. The big lake is huge (40+ miles around) and 1000+ feet deep. Sooo...I was wondering if there are Carp in any of the much smaller lakes within the basin area. Tried talking to fishermen last week when I was there for a skiing trip...the locals never go after Carp, so local info is marginal at best. The best so far is that Carp have been known near the Tunnel on Rt 50 NV side of the lake. My 'E' is sirwiam@yahoo.com 909 592 1608 William Reed
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