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  1. The funniest part was that when you got upset your Yorkshire dialect came back so much so that he truly didn't understand what was wrong - at first. Neither did the German tourists. Very funny.
  2. (Sorry Karl I just have to.....) 2 or 3 years ago I was fishing the ATC with Karl at Town Lake. We did pretty good the first day with Karl getting his first 40 and the big fish of the tournament as it turned out. The second day was less successful and we were both busy blanking. About noon a guy walked past Karl's swim with a spaniel on a leash. As it passed Karl the dog proceeded to raise its leg and pee on Karls coat which was draped over the back of his bedchair. Karl was sitting in the bed chair at the time. (I saw all this from a safe distance and hid down the bank while the inevitable explosion occurred and the crowd subsided.) Now that is some really scary stuff!!!
  3. My tip just don't look at the screen as the camera makes its approach run towards your "docking port". (It's an image that will stay with me to the rest of my days).
  4. I would personally like to thank everyone who took part in the event, and especially those who helped organise it. A special thanks goes to Karl, Dave Smith, and the sponsors (mentioned above) and ACS for their stand. Also a special thanks to Scorpion and Big Carp Tackle who provided some equipment (nets weigh slings etc) to the park rangers which they will be able to continue to use to protect the fish. Great event.
  5. There you go making me homesick.
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