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  1. I have only fished Tommy Thompson Park this year a few times due to a leg injury. Each time I have been out I was unable to fish my preferred spot or conditions were very poor. I was able to get out Aug 04 and although my preferred spot was being fished ...the conditions were decent. I tried a pond where I had not been successful in a couple previous attempts and was rewarded with a couple carp in a short period of time in late morning. August is not the preferred time for catching the 30 plus sizes we were catching last spring but the area does offer mid 20's year round. The 30 plus size is a spring early summer phenomenon. Catching mid 20's a bicycle ride from downtown Toronto on weekends is definitely a saving grace for a city that is under constant construction and its highways exiting the city are at a standstill with traffic. Tommy Thompson Park is one of many places that carp can be caught around Toronto.The abundance of carp and the isolated conditions of the park make it a better choice than many of the other spots around Toronto. Example if there has been a heavy rain then the conditions at Humber River, Don River, Rouge River and the other tribs make fishing in the rivers, river mouths and surrounding bays difficult and at times unsafe. The Toronto Harbour carp fishing also declines for days after a heavy rain. Ashbridges Bay becomes impossible to fish for a week after a rain due to the sewage treatment plant located in the bay and the storm water discharges. The Toronto Islands and Tommy Thompson park become the options of choice and the fishing conditions actually improve after a major summer rain storm. TRCA has announced that fishing access points will be improved at Tommy Thompson Park and the Toronto Islands by end of next year. Funding and planning were secured late last year and into this year. Notes on carp fishing this year around Toronto. The pods are fewer and smaller in member numbers. The carp are healthier and in better condition. The runs and fights this year are better...the carp appear to have more energy. The carp are being pressured more with the number of carp anglers in this area having increased ten fold. The carp are more cautious at eating and appear to be well fed and not as desperate for our offerings. Because the pods are smaller we will find 2-4 carp eating at one time rather than 5-10 at one time. The number of pods that are visiting swims is significantly down as well...to about a third of last year. We are not seeing bays with hundreds of carp spread across them as we did in the past. Carp Gates have been installed at Humber River Marsh (last year), Mimico Creek (few years ago) and at Tommy Thompson Park Cell1 a few years back. As well embayment 1 at Tommy Thompson was physically closed off (2 years ago) to all fish for a bird sanctuary. We used to se hundreds of carp using embayment 1 to bask in the sun during the spring and summer months. So carp fishing in Toronto has changed with the year's weather conditions, food sources and man's interference. The numbers are down but many of the fights have been remarkable. Year to year one must expect changes and adapt. We are optimistic that carp fishing will improve over the next couple of years as the carp adapt to the man made changes. The fishing access points that will be built across the city will definitely improve the fishing experience. The mouth of our Don River is going to be naturalized and there will be two mouths. The airport run way at Billy Bishop Airport may be expanded into our harbour and my change fishing there. Ontario Place which has had limited public access will reopen as a park and with a trail in 2017. Changes abound.
  2. We did just that. In spring of 2014 TUFA organized a shoreline cleanup of 1.5 kilometers of shoreline in this park. We received a great turnout and the shoreline cleanup was a huge success. Getting permission from the TRCA the conservation group that owns and operates the park was difficult because they were worried about the damage to habitat and disruption to nesting birds...all concerns were dealt with successfully. We can only fish the site on weekends as it is considered a construction site on weekdays. Many anglers sneak in on weekdays giving the rest of us a bad name with the authorities. I love fishing there but injured leg early this year and it is too much for me to hike out there on a regular basis this year....maybe next year.
  3. Winter Carp! Great accomplishment for the winter we had. Your experience, knowledge and skill landed you three when most of us were defeated by the conditions alone. Bravo!
  4. Fri. March 07 I got out for a few hours. Finding open water in Toronto was very difficult but I ended up at my last resort swim...she is a tried and true swim...but she's difficult and always frustrating too. I caught two small carp and felt like the burden of winter was lifted from my shoulders. I encourage you all to prep your gear and start scouting your swims....the carp are active...access is the problem. With the warm temperatures this week and longer daylight hours may you have the same success and wonderful experience I had. I had a great walk and took in some incredible scenery too...spring is beautiful get yourself outside.
  5. impressive...not just snow carp but cold weather carp...and revised technique and equipment to boot.
  6. spirit and passion for fishing drives you two out in the cold in search for the few remaining catchable carp. with the shortened day hours there is no after work fishing...falling into ice cold water in the dark is an unacceptable risk with the type of accessibility to most Toronto swims that produce fish in the winter months. the "weekend weather" is a heart breaker as of late....your posts and success keep us motivated to find that opportunity to venture out.. cold or not but in safety. frozen fingers are seldom noticed if one is catching fish! keep fishing and posting ... living through you guys is all we got midweek!
  7. I wonder when that gold fish was released into the wild. sure was big. looks like a better than average fall day...an excellent fall day!
  8. sorry I got no carp to report....working on environmental law...Nov 25 the amendments to our Canadian Federal Fisheries Act come into play reducing protection on our fisheries. I have a plan to protect our fisheries and will be meeting with real environmental lawyers later this week. must protect my best friends at all costs.
  9. http://www.visualnews.com/2013/11/14/wildly-imaginative-fish-lamps-frank-gehry/
  10. http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2013/11/04/20-pound-carp-campaigns-for-ann-arbor-city-council/ Maybe I should put a carp up against Rob Ford for Mayor of Toronto next election.
  11. Awesome fantail! Want to see that carp when it grows into its tail size. I like your rig setup. You and Hammercarp taught us all a lesson today...get out in that miserable weather and fish.
  12. great to see you made the effort and got rewarded. my five favourite swims would have been a windy mess today...it was difficult Sat. so i stayed home. looking at your pics and knowing you paid the price to catch them i am kicking myself for not getting out...lesson learned...unless its minus 10 or worse get out there. you had lots of action for such a windy and stormy day!
  13. Warning this is a comedy music video promoting fishing and Uncut Angling. The video is really silly comedy. The underwater footage of the carp is good. But the remainder is fairly foolish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7VBcuXn6HE&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBDT-Kl4nHgEvpwYfLb315w
  14. tangledline

    Carp Game

    one of TUFA's members designed a carp game...first in French because he just moved here from France and now in English....please share and enjoy as its free. http://carpgame.com/index-en.php
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