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  1. Seems like most folks are tying flies in the 4 to 12 range so what do you guys recommend for hooks? I have a bunch of Mustad 3366's I use for bass and gill would they work alright for carpin if sharpened well. What are your favorite hooks for flies and why?
  2. Thanks for the posts and info, seems I'll be tying a bunch of bugs, worms, leeches and crustaceans as mulberrys and such aren't real common around the area. Really like some of the blogs you guys have going too mining them for patterns also.
  3. So I have caught two smallish carp on the fly rod last season and it wet my appetite for more. Caught both on a damselfly pattern while fishing for bass and bluegill didn't even know we had any in the lake. Was not targeting them in particular they came to me. Anyway I am starting to tie up flies for my carp box and checked the patterns listed above and on several of the members blogs but was wondering more what type of forage I should be representing and what sizes should the flies be tied in. I will probably be fishing several lakes in my area (Central Texas) as well as some of the rivers close by. Most of the fish I have seen are smaller 10 lb or less type fish the bigger fish are more easily seen in the deeper parts of the lakes where they run more in schools. Bob
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