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  1. Thats right, just do a wordwide search for "fishing float seat -boat" in ebay. Try and get an assortment of sizes.
  2. Okay, here is a bit more detail. The no-knot knot is widely used in carp fishing to make hair rigs, just google image search "no-knot knot carp" and you'll get plenty of diagrams. The only difference is I don't bother with forming the hair and just trim off the tag end. Here is a pic of the leads, you just unwind them and trim off small amounts at a time untill you get the desired result. You can find them by searching for "Cylinder Lead fishing" on ebay. I use this type of float seat to attach, and two float stops to position my float. (Both these pics are highly magniied) The floats are
  3. Hey carpmaniac47 I'll try to answer your questions but keep in mind I'm just a guy who's watched a lot of asian fishing vids and spent a lot of time trying to decipher google-translate results. Like you, the simplicity of this type of this type fishing is what really appeals to me. I use a 12 or 15lb main line and a 10lb Stren XL hook length. With the koi pole I have, I could probably use a stronger leader but I'm cautious. I settled on the 10lb through incrementally raising the strength untill I stopped getting break-offs. I use a Korean or Chinese style float and trim the weight (The typ
  4. I've ordered from them several times without any problems. They usually ship pretty quick. I agree, it's pretty hard to pick from so many. They no longer carry the particular hera whip I bought from them a few years back but it's still going strong. I really love it for bullheads this time of year and it easily handles the odd bass or baby pike that comes along. The koi poles are made specifically for carp so they are a little beefier. I got the cheaper of the two Daiwa models and it is very nice quality.
  5. I suppose you mean http://www.allfishingbuy.com ? I have bought one of the Daiwa Hagakure Chouko koi poles and a hera rod as well as some other items from allfishingbuy.com and never had any problems. If you scroll down on their float page they do sell the more expensive floats seperately but I'm sure you can find them cheaper on ebay. I've caught carp up to around 14lbs on the Hagakure Chouko so far and it handled it no problem. I just wish they sold the 4.5 metre version, it would be easier to use at my usual spot.
  6. This guy has a few characters that he plays. He also appears as an "Italian" in a blue tracksuit and blonde wig.
  7. Ugly Pete

    Mirror Mirror

    Congrats, always sweet to see a mirror slide in the ne!
  8. Nice, great head on that fish.
  9. Very nice, and always a bonus seeing wildlife when out fishing.
  10. Lighten up Francis, it looks like a fish-friendly net and soft grass to me.
  11. Thanks for putting up the good fight. I don't know how you have the patience to deal with those people and remain so good natured.
  12. Wow those are very nice fish! I wish we had wels over here.
  13. I remember seeing them on an "invasive species" poster at Walmart.
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