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  1. Well it looks like it's been a while since i have reached out for fellow carp fisherman. I live in south central kansas, have a few good spots for carp fishing but not very many people to enjoy the sport with me. Any CAG members or carp fisherman in kansas? Hit me up!

  2. Well i dusted of the ol fly rod, tied a few woolly buggers, and hit one of my small fish big numbers spots this weekend. i didnt see as many carp as i was hopping for. I only saw to carp but i caught them both so it was a pretty good afternoon with my son and my dad.http://youtu.be/RoGNGq7XVPEhttp://youtu.be/zCw4eA-nXgg

    I love fly fishing for carp because you get to see them at there most predatory. Its a real rush seeing them turn on your fly, suck it in, then explode when you set the hook.

  3. Well I went to fish the pond at my apartment complex today and caught a real fatty. I have heard tales of even larger fish in this pond but this is my pb for now. Any guess on the weight would be appreciated. I dont have any scales.post-6707-0-85175400-1369710498_thumb.jp

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