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  1. they are called feeder cubes on the package where im from. just ask for cattle feed. 50# bag they come in different sizes to. i get the 3/4 inch size
  2. wait for that ice to get about 5 inches thick and go after them
  3. Nice video. There are quite a few foxes in my neighborhood as well. Last week i got to see the kits.
  4. I was out by perry lake this spring turkey hunting. I looks like a good lake to try sometime
  5. Well it looks like it's been a while since i have reached out for fellow carp fisherman. I live in south central kansas, have a few good spots for carp fishing but not very many people to enjoy the sport with me. Any CAG members or carp fisherman in kansas? Hit me up!
  6. Mr. B.


    sounds like a good flie to use when they are eating cottonwood seeds.
  7. cut the line short. it is certainly not good for the fish but the have a better chance surviving than if we try to mess with removing it.
  8. Yes sir that is the good stuff. I took my seven year old fishing yesterday. He enjoyed swimming and looking for baby turtles and other wildlife between runs. Its good to see a solid appreciation for wildlife in the kids.
  9. a proposal that focuses on the release of trophy fish seems more realistic.
  10. hello just wondering if there are any fellow members/enthusiasts in my neck of the woods. The carpin usually starts to pick up this time of the year. I would like to go fishin with some one who enjoys the worlds greatest sportfish.
  11. one more short video fly fishin with my lil buddyhttp://youtu.be/zCw4eA-nXgg
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