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  1. Posting this as a backup to the leaderboards. Made another upgrade Saturday....21lb 2oz. Puts all my top four over 20#....hit my goal for this spring!!! Now just to squeeze over that 100lb mark. Amazing fish guys. Two 30s in one trip is awesome.
  2. Reduced to 640 pixels wide and boom...seems to work
  3. Im having issues uploading pics to the big four....im not sure what the issue is. I found a few threads stating that it may be a size issue, so I reduced size by 75% and still nothing. It shows a broken link picture icon. Before I downsized them they were just showing a greyed out picture icon. One of my pics actually submitted fine and I have no reason why it was any different. Could there be an aspect restriction? I know I've had to crop several pics and the aspects may be skewed. I'll continue working on finding a fix myself and will post if I happen to solve it.
  4. I tried to upload these fish to the leaderboard and the pics arent showing up for some reason but the text is....however my fifth (practice) fish actually showed up. First time actually submitting fish so I'm not sure if this is a common issue or not. However, here is my big four so far....from top to bottom. 30lb 6oz, 25lb 9oz, 22lb 5oz, and 19lb 5oz....and yes it was an absolutely epic trip! Here in Southern Ohio they are getting ready to drop eggs...once that happens getting upgrades will be tough.
  5. Quick question....my printer appears to be low on color ink and is printing the logo in blue instead of green. Is this an issue? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry I missed it guys. Should see everyone at the cowan fish in....if not sooner.
  7. Signed up...long time lurker of the site. Been on several Facebook pages for a couple years as well. Carp angler from Ohio...not shooting to win but to compete with fellow Ohio anglers. I'm aiming for 4 fish over 25lbs.
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