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  1. That is unethical and disgusting, grats on the possible pb though
  2. I've been fairly inactive on the forums, yes I am coming and can't wait to see everyone again!
  3. i need two please Neil. thanks
  4. Wouldn't it be fair that you have to post on here yourself in order to sign up? And at least have a CAG account?
  5. Lol awesome write up, enjoyed it a lot!! Made me laugh lol
  6. Biggest fish of my previous trip at 26 lbs even! Also caught on creamy peach
  7. My very first mirror at 15 lbs 2 oz. caught on creamy peachberry
  8. Thanks guys it means a lot! I was not expecting to catch a mirror, or anyone else that was with me for that matter. When i saw it out in the water I thought it was a small common until it got closer!
  9. Stoney Creek has loads of Carp from what I hear, I live by it. Never fished it, but I've seen Carp in it.
  10. There isn't really a story, but while on a 2-day fishing trip I managed to pull out my very first Mirror at 15 lbs 2 oz! This made my trip for sure! Happier to see this come out of the water than any 20 I've ever caught lol!
  11. I understand you guys are just saying your opinions about picture taking which is fine, but sometimes it's best to keep that to yourself since it's just going to start things. I also understand you were not trying to attack anyone although it was saying he is trying to make his fish look larger. If you don't like to take pictures like that, then don't. Let each person take pictures how they want and you how you want.
  12. For the oddest reason the Galaxy S3 and S4 phones seem to make the Carp look a tad larger than they are. Not sure why... I've noticed that when taking pics with them.
  13. Cannot wait to catch some CARPS with you all!
  14. I'm a maybe because I am taking driver's training and I'm not sure if I have to drive on the weekend
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