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  1. think in the bidding process, you ought to contact Carlymoomoo, here in weatherford,,,,,,he's a member and has done a lot for the club before,,keep it local and in house help those that help us,,,,,for years now he has given to the club in the form of ATC peg signs score sheets, maps etc, etc,,,work is quality, and Carl ought to be in the process

  2. if anyone deserved to win you certainly did,,,,,,,must be one of the most memorable fishing trips of your life,,,,,, a perfect Ghostie, a massive Buff, and a tourney win !!!! Fantastic, !!! I'm proud to say I knew you BEFORE you became famous !

  3. that fish is a HOG..as far as the ATC tradition,,,,the ACA guys have kept it alive and well, and even added to it...I'm very PROUD of the new CAG blood...anyone that misses this event is nutz!!! you will never have a better time !!! I'm registering NEXT year NOW...got that Chad. and August, and Keith, and Kevin ?? :) so hold a space for me :) I also want to thank Augusts' wife, WHAT AN ORGANIZER !!lists up the KAZOO :) but it made it run smooth as glass...the only fly in the ointment was the weather , but what the heck, I didn't go to get a sunburn !!

  4. Fantastic tourney,,,,hats off to the ACA guys...having done this in the past I know the amount of work needed to make it happen, and happen BIG time it did,,,,to the best of my recollection no single digit fish were caught, many over the 30 mark, whopping Buffflao and a mega Blue Cat,,,44 pounds and a Lake record which we are going to make happen with the STATE as well as a Junior angling record,,,when these Michigan guys come to TEXAS all hell seems to break loose ! :) As always the Lake has a mind of it's own, and it's not easy to give them what they want, when they want it.... but these 19 teams sure as hell gave it a great showing, considering the weather ( and the weather was BRUTAL)

    .......next year we do it again ! :)

  5. OK, so by this time next week, we should be very high if not at the top of the scoreboard.... I;m thiinkin like 400 pounds of fish .... 2 mirrors and a koi, :)

    suck it up bucko, the trophy is coming to Weatherord, Texas...only problems that I have is who keeps it for the forst 6 months, Carl or me ?? :)

  6. ever been to one of those places where the fish are just beyond casting distance ? or ever been to a place where the only bank space is occupied ? well I have, many times, so I stated to do some research, and has discovered that this product is now being manufactured in Florida,,,,,have written the fellow and waiting to get pricing on it as well as the options it can come with,,,,,,, LOOK OUT FISHIES,,,,,,,

    I might be coming after you in one of these :)

  7. Give me a break,,,,,,are kidding me or what???? between the both of you you'd be lucky to come in 10th place, the trophy is coming to Weatherford :)

    confuscious says a picture is worth a thousand words,,,,,post-710-0-65680000-1423434411.jpg

  8. Got a call from Keith last night, we talked a little bit abou this event that the AUSTIN BOYS are doing, and after running 8 of these things, I decided it was time to WIN ONE ,,,,so I called my fishing buddy Carl, and after about 2 seconds he said YES,,,,,so we're coming to Austin for the ATC and have every intention winning,,,,,,,reservations at the hotel have been made, reservations for the event have been made, permission form the brides given, my patients will just have to tough it out on Friday, my receptionise is happy as she will be paid for a day and a half that she doesn"t work, and I already ordered our winning trophy :)

    So let the fun begin !!!! trash us if you can,,,,, I still haven't made up my mind if I need 2 or 3 rods to whip yer arses :)


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