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  1. Pick Marios brain????? well that's a 30 second project
  2. Thanks Dave, I'm sure the teams will appreciate this,,,
  4. mo, that's a weak excuse,,,,,,,go ahead and renew,,,,,
  5. lookie here,,,,,knew it had to be massive, pretty sure this is us, or another ring out there doing the same chit http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/massive-credit-card-fraud-steals-200m/story?id=18409543
  6. I try to order from all the vendors, so yes, I ordered from resistance over the past 3 months....but that was only on one of them ,,
  7. got nailed on 2 cards in the past 2 weeks,,,,,,,,Chase caught them,,,,,,this really sucks,,,,,,but it's pretty wide spread
  8. and Iain, thank you for all you do for the Club,,,,,,,this fella whomever he is is getting one great rod !!!
  9. All I've got to say is,,,,, I have created a MONSTER ;;;;;;; I think, if you're going to the ATC they can be delivered to you there,,,,,,,of course I could be wrong!!! but if I am I;m sure Carl will let y'all know
  10. thanks for what you do for the club
  11. And in addition to all the other favorable comments, he like others supports CAG events, in a BIG WAY !!! Anyone that supports the Club, and provides quality service to our members is better that A-OK in my book !!!
  12. Mario , Sal, and the many contributors deserve a round of applause,,,,,,a Great Issue with lots of good tips, and feature stories, thanks to all that made it happen......in the next issue I will have an article on how to avoid Mirrors, and KOI ( only kidding)
  13. Well???? talking to fish....now that's a new one to me,,,,,,,,ya mean praying to CARP GODS is NOT the answer????
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