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  1. I buy from all of the online carp stores, but had yet to buy from Carpkit. Recently I purchased a bunch of stuff and one of the buzzbars that I ordered came to me broken. I contacted Simon about the problem and he emailed me back and resolved the problem within minutes! I can say nothing but good things about Simon and my Carpkit experience. The broken buzzbar was no fault of his, and he went out of his way to resolve the problem. Thanks Simon. He definitely earned my future business, and I wouldn't hesitate to order from him.
  2. What do you use to grind stuff down brookesy?
  3. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/tempe/2015/10/26/tempe-town-lake-gets-first-signs-new-dam/74632304/ This article says 2/3 of the water will be diverted. I think many of the bigger mirrors will survive with 1/3 of the water in the lake. All hope is not lost!
  4. It was my understanding that the lake won't be completely drained? Something like 70% drained. And of the fish species in the lake... The carp will be the ones that survive.
  5. Is there a list of scales that are accepted? I don't have a fancy "euro" scale but I do have a decent electronic one that I use.
  6. No luck out here in AZ still. I joined late December 2013 before the cutoff date. It's possible I may have accidentally slipped through the cracks on the mailing list?
  7. I'm excited to watch this. I've watched all the other ones multiple times. Alan Blair might be my favorite carp angler. He is a smart dude that you can tell genuinely loves catching carp of all sizes.
  8. Still no sign of my NACA in Arizona. Anyone else still waiting on their copy?
  9. Haven't received mine yet either. Hoping for any day now!
  10. The curiosity comes from the desire to learn and be a better carp angler. Nothing wrong with that I think.. I have learned a lot in this thread and I am just trying to get a better understanding. Much like a little kid that is going fishing for the first time. (Excited and full of questions)
  11. I'm not sure what nutritionally about pack bait makes it the best food? Or how it is the best food at all? Most attractive food maybe? Like fast food for Americans... This is genuine curiosity coming from someone in the southwest that has never seen a pay lake. Not saying you're wrong. Just trying to learn.
  12. Mario, This was before my time here, but didn't Phone's "white paper" list hot stuff as a major attractor? If so then maybe we have conflicting tests and maybe no conclusion yet? Can't wait to get my NACA.
  13. With no dog in this fight so to speak, this conversation has been an interesting read. I like to use a small stick of PVA with either bread, grits, or rolled oats and cream corn. I won't use anything larger than a mouthful where it seems like through pack bait or method there is actually enough to hold a fish in the area? I want to start experimenting with a few other things though. There are no competitions in Arizona, but I wonder if a paylaker were to add a small amount of hemp oil and other similar "euro" stuff to their arsenal if it would change things.
  14. Definitely tie your own. The knot less knot is one of the easiest fishing knots I've ever used, and that will allow you to start making basic hair rigs that catch lots of fish. Good luck!
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