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  1. by Pro's i just ment, guys with experience.. I dont really know the gear to well, or really how to fish for carp.. but would love to learn and see how others do it
  2. As a Carp rookie, I would be interested in coming and learning from some pros
  3. do you need to be a member of something? or is this open to anyone?
  4. Carp'n

    New To The Forum

    Thanks everyone for the Great welcome! Hopefully I will have some good reports to share..! I'm going to try this winter.. But once Spring hits I'm really going to turn it on.. Hopefully I can make it out to some of the CAG events nd meet some of you.. Good luck to all! and Happy holidays!
  5. I really enjoyed this post... I am new also and have yet to have a big day... Thanks Davy... and all who gave advise
  6. Carp'n

    New To The Forum

    Hi everyone.. Very new to this Forum, and new to this type of fishin' I am from St. Catharines, I cought my first Carp this summer and fell in love with this type of fishing.. It wasn't anything big maybe 5-7lbs down at Charles Daily Park.. but it was enough to get me hooked! I am slowly trying to learn Locations for this type of fish and how to properly fish for Carp... If anyone is ever looking for company let me know... as i mostly fish solo... and would love to learn more... Just one question, When does the Carp fishing stop? December? I know the season is best from May till August.. but can you catch Carp all year? I would really like to know what months you can catch Carp?
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