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    Carp and Match fishing during my visits to England
    Ice Hockey Dallas Stars
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  1. John Newbitt Lincolnshire Texas
  2. I may be working Tight lines and plenty of fish for those who go
  3. Hello Chris Finally back from the UK now for some Carp Fishing Have you learnt anymore about the fish in at E Long ???
  4. Would reialy like to make this one also. At present in the UK match fishing. Back the beginning of September
  5. Following weekend I will be working John
  6. There are lots of commercial fisheries some have as many as 6 matches per week and comprise of 6 up to 10 lakes on 1 complex So you can always find somewhere to fish on a day ticket basis. These vary in cost from 5Pounds (9$) to 8 Pounds (12$) Then there are lots of rivers to fish all over the country some are free others are controlled by fishing clubs. With most of these you can pay a day ticket fee to fish also. I live in Texas but go over every year for the match fishing i miss since moving here. In lincolnshire there is a club called Pisces and i buy a membership that costs 30 Pounds (45$) and this then allows me to fish on any of there waters free and they have lots. This only is for my pleasure fishing but they do hold club matches which i can fish also. They have very good waters i join because i enjoy a days pleasure fishing for Barbel and Chub. Hope this explains some of the questions you had. Tight Lines John
  7. how can it be a nightmare when they are producing them for the peg draw
  8. Can anyone help with my questions
  9. I am only visiting and not fishing not knowing the area very well it was more locating the pegs that I am seeking Thanks John
  10. I will be visiting the ATC is it possible to have Coordinates or driving directions to the swims I realize this is a major request but not knowing the area very well it would be very helpful with being able to visit friends and fellow anglers. I can visit with the peg draw and if the peg locations are available at this can I have copies Thanks John
  11. you can fish any depth if you use a slider float.
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