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  1. Sounds like a classic line bite try fishing closer in or use slack lines, unlikely if your using a hair rig a big lead and a short link they are getting away with it unless the space between the hook and bait is to long.. let us know a bit more about your rig setup
  2. A quiver without sleeves offers no real protection, the reels are exposed as well as the eyes on the rods, also the rods can bang together, you can buy reel pouches and rod tip protectors. If you attach sleeves then you protect the rod and reel within the sleeve, sometimes if you have the sleeves separate from the quiver then depending on how they are carried they offer great protection. A good holdall as you know gives protection because you close and compress the rods, sometimes the weight of other items may put pressure on the eyes. I have used both and found that they both offer good prote
  3. I fished a lake last year where most of the fish were feeding at the bottom of a 20ft shelf the only problem was the wall leading down to the bottom was coverd in zebras after losing a couple of fish with heavy braid , I ended up using all the tubing I had about 10ft then used small bottles to keep the line off the wall, problem solved didnt lose another fish
  4. Lots of the french, dutch have those over sized pods I have seen them in france and belgium, never seen, used in the UK, they are very big and heavy, I have seen them take upto 6 rods, quite a contraption. Expensive set up probally 3K pounds for the lot, Tech reels, nash alarms, rods could be greys platinum.
  5. Met Mark on the kent waters aswell as the stow, not seen him for years but heard through a friend he was doing to the hookbaits
  6. Considering carping has got alot more popular in Canada, do you think their will be a chance that we will ever be able to use more than 1 rod, I think are impact on fish is minimal, they can even sell us another license to cover an extra rod. Does anybody know if this question has ever been asked to the appropriate people. How often have you been asked for your license. I have never been asked.
  7. Good thing about making your own spods is not worrying to much if you lose them, probally 10 bucks a pop from shops. Getting ready for the spring, have tied over 50 rigs, new batterys in the alarms, respooled the reels even washed the nets, CMON SPRING!!!
  8. Had a look at my local waters this week, still abit to much ice around for me, cant wait for spring!!
  9. Nice popups, have you coated them in something to give off the cloud, if so what (unless its a secret) just curious as I have been curing, coating hookbaits for a while now and found that most things that creates the cloud doesn't last long on the baits only found a couple of things that keep giving off. Specialized baits have just started selling cured baits, when I first met mark he was talking about these type of baits
  10. KISS, like it. You can put as much natural flavour in as you want really sugar, molasses, maple syrup add it all into the soaking faze, helps the nuts absorb the flavour. As I said before you will never really soften tigers so penetration of flavour will not be as good as say chick peas, peanuts, maples, just avoid using artificial flavours at high levels. A little tip, when you have finished boiling the nuts in the same water you have soaked them in, drain the nuts well, divide them into bags the sizes you would take fishing, before you tie the bags to freeze add a little more of your origina
  11. Hi guys, just wanted to ask a question concerning selling some carp tackle, I am new to the forum and have some rods, reels, alarms, stuff I have brought from the UK but dont use anymore. Can I advertise them in a new thread? what is the best way to go about this. Cheers guys thought I would ask first.
  12. Tigers are popular in europe mainly because nuisance fish bream, crayfish, generally dont like them as much as boilies, also for super shy fish they may pick up the odd tiger instead of a boilie, carp do like them however in general I have never found that they out fish boilies like most particles they have no real nutritional value for a carp. Fish will pass them whole most of the time. Tiger slime is an amazing liquid super sweet loads of attraction carp just love the stuff, the way I like to prepare tigers is add brown sugar some salt, carnation milk then soak for 48-72 hours, boil for 45 m
  13. Nice 1 lads, like the enthusiasm carping in the snow.
  14. The only reason we used round baits was to go further in a throwing stick remember carp really have no idea what shape or size they are, apart from the obvious 10mm or a 24mm but 14,16,18 all the same really Dumbells or none round baits tend not to roll around as much on the bottom important if fishing on ledges or slopes. All I use now is a sausage gun on a compressor home made then cut every inch of the sausage boil for 2 mins, I can do 10kg in a couple of hours, years ago I did the hole production compressor, mixer, burco. shilam table 4 of us in my shed could do 100kg in a day with that se
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