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  1. Good luck on the home mades - it's a great feeling catching on your own. Seems like you don't need to use as many to get bites as well.

    You can also freeze the dough if you get fed up rolling- I make a load of dry mix and keep it in a bucket so you can just pull out a six egg mix and make them up as you need. I keep the measurements of the liquids stuck to the side of the bucket.

  2. On the massive waterways in the north west it's hit and miss and with so few anglers fishing consistently on these venues it's hard to get a perspective, I'm going to try and subscribe to a site fishing philosophy this year on the bigger venues and have set a goal of a 30+ California clear lake fish (see below) this year after hearing of bow hunters hitting fish of this size on a particular spot on this lake in the sloughs - also hearing of just scooping up 33-35lb fish in nets during spawning albeit personally only catching a 25.8 lb on a rod on this lake.

    I think it will need a little luck:)

    Max. length 19 mi (31 km)

    Max. width 8 mi (13 km)

    Surface area 68 sq mi (180 km2)

    Average depth 27 ft (8.2 m)

    Max. depth 60 ft (18 m)

    Water volume 1,155,000 acre·ft (1,425,000 dam3)

    Shore length1 100 mi (160 km)

    Surface elevation 1,329 ft (405 m)

    On the smaller venues I think a high ph, low stock density, rich food source with a little altitude thrown in is a good- other than that I think all small venues have the potential to throw up some surprises. I have seen a 33 lb catfish get caught out of 2.5 acre lake after several years of fishing and a I truley believe that any lost fish could of been the big one.

  3. If targeting numbers on a big venue with known numbers of fish or river fishing, the method- if a more intimate venue small PVA bags- typically with a tiger nut and rubber corn critically balanced. I always prefer fishing PVA over method.

  4. Its worth having one rod just to cast around with, chances are they are not moving all that much. Always cast at a showing fish.

    Don't put out much bait and move swim if nothing is happening- I tend to stick with fruity but spicy seem to work for me as well, rod hutchinson mega-spice is good stuff. As somebody mentioned before glugging a hook bait in alcohol is also worth a swing.

    I think winter fishing is trial and error with bait and location and also finding out when the feeding spells are. Once you have figured that out it can be pretty good.

  5. I guess it's all relevant, in CA our winter is so dam short it can't really count:) January and February can be cold but its not freezing. Single small, white or pink pop-ups have been good for me, with really small pva bags of liquidized bread mixed with tuna. This year I might try the tigernut glugged in vodka:)

    I did ok casting into the sun hit spots in the winter on one lake with a pva bag mix that rose to the surface slowly (Solar up n downer) - I saw fish actually move down onto the bait which were high in the water column. Also scaling back on the tackle probably helps I would say. Also running rigs might be worth a swing.

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