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  1. Hey- any review on those rods?
  2. I wait till I have visitors coming out from the UK - then bargain shop at Danson Angling for some deals, last year I picked up the Trakker Tundra suit for 50 quid- ebay UK is also worth a swing. The rest of the year I find BCT and CKI have me covered- when I go back to the UK I hit the carp cabin in Cambridge- I then soak up the local fisheries in that part of the country, best carp fishing in the country in that region in my opinion.
  3. be good to hear a review on that gear
  4. I actually think some of the American made baits only customers are their sponsored anglers. Guaranteed sales!!! Smart marketing.
  5. Some of the so called sponsored anglers really just make you laugh- ie. trying to buy a greys rod and broadcasting unsolicited it wasn't needed cause of the sponsorship without asking why it was being sold. Funny old game carp fishing. Fact of the matter is, it seems there are more sponsored carp anglers in this country then non sponsored - it almost makes a mockery of it. Fact.
  6. Absolutely agree! Customer service is 1st class
  7. still the best site! Many have came and tried but in my opinion can not compete with customer service, items and speed of delivery.
  8. Just thought I would share that ACS have updated there web site with some new stuff. Looks pretty good!!! Cheers CarpSkunker
  9. Yes the service is excellent. They did a similar thing for myself. CarpSkunker
  10. Does anyone know of another source for SuperCast corn pips <_< <_< . Wacker Baits are running low on stock. Cheers CarpSkunker
  11. I don't kwow you caught the 14lber............ Skunky.
  12. There was some really bad weather on Tuesday 30mph winds rain etc.......that probably F%$$%d things up pretty good!! Quite a few catfsh are getting caught...........even on maize. I think the nutty proffessor is leading the pack in catfish There are 7 teams. The latest is "fish are rolling over my baits.........." Cheers CarpSkunker
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