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  1. As the lucky February winner of the new member raffle I would like to thank Saxon Tackle for their generous contribution of a Saxon Hexalite rod. I'm new to serious carp fishing but I plan on giving the rod a workout and spreading the word. I would also like to thank all the members of this forum. Almost any question I've had has already been asked and answered here. You really seem like a friendly bunch and I can't imagine a better welcome than I've had in my first 3 weeks as a member. Special thanks go to fellow Mountaineer "possum" for welcoming me aboard. Rob has personally shared his knowledge and experiences with me and answered all of my many questions. We've already planned a carping expedition to my favorite lake this spring. Hopefully he'll be able to show me how to properly take advantage of my new Saxon rod. One minor suggestion I would make to the forum would be to maybe have a forum category for New Member Introductions as I couldn't really find an obvious place place this post. Thanks again to everyone!
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