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  1. Strawberry koolaid The on with sugar already in it... It sweetens... Flavors... And ads a bit of pink color to some of the kernels...
  2. I start carpin when the ice is still melting... And I'm on the st lawrence so it's moving water.... In my opinion If you are close by put a little bait in every day or 2... Literally a handful or 2... If you can put some where you can see it... Then you'll know if it's getting eaten... Best result for me were what I call "sharp" flavors... Like pineapple... Tangerine... Plum... Best colors have been fairly visable baits... White... Yellow... Pink... I'm a big fan of small boilies in the spring... Give me a 12-16mm yellow pineapple boilie and I'll have serious confidence... I pair that with some form of panko method
  3. Pumped to be participating again this year... Time to see if I can get in the top 5 again... Only done this twice a few years back and pulled 4th and 3rd... Gotta see if I'm able to put the walleye rods down long enough to bank some fat carp...
  4. Found it It's not very user friendly for mobile devices I had to switch to full sit mode Thanks
  5. I feel like an idiot here... I'm finding a bunch of tutorials how to sign up for the leaderboard... But WHERE do I go do sign up... I paid my $10 in the store but can't for the life of me figure our where to join the leaderboard....
  6. My home waters... I just fish the Canadian side...
  7. I just started using a 25 foot length of 100lb power pro... I'm likening it so far... And I fish the "Larry" also... Lots of opportunity to get cut off
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