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  1. Its a conspiracy I say, The carp just don't like being hooked by a redcoat
  2. I will probably be the only person there with a Pod setup, I believe that park opens at 8am which is when I intend to get there. Just look for a silver bmw with lots of bumper stickers including a CAG one It will be my first time fishing there but Needmoretime has given me some pointers.
  3. I am looking at probably fish Lanier Saturday, I am planning on fishing West Point Park which is close to the dam. As for paylakes near you I really have no idea, I have only fished one out past Loganville called Reds.\ You seem to be having success on the Hooch I have yet to try it so would be interested in doing that one day. Cheers
  4. Interesting that you mention stunted fish, its a debate I have been having with needmoretime2fish as to why fort yago seems to not have anything bigger than single digits.
  5. Ok, Since the board is rather quiet I figured I would start a new topic. Given the climate here I am surprised that the GA state record is not at least a 40. I am wondering why.
  6. As far as I am aware yes it is, since they are state or national parks they I believe are rather hot on things like that. I am looking into the viability of camping at a couple of the parks and fishing since I notice a serious drought of places we can fish a long session on. The issue with this is obviously one of location, no point renting a camp site if no fish in the area Then you have the cost of renting a camp pad. I am planning on fishing lake lanier in the next few days so will let you know how that works out, again both Lanier and Alatoona if fishing the Parks close at sunset. The only other places I know for sure you can night fish are the paylakes they generally have evening tournaments. I am finding Metro Atlanta a challenging place for a English Carp guy plus the fish seem to enjoy taunting me, just ask needmoretime2fish Cheers
  7. Most Atlanta area waters close at sunset. Only metro place I know open to fishing past then is stone mountain which you can fish till 12pm. Its rough finding places you can do a long session at in the metro area. being close to the hooch I would focus there for now, just remember above the dam is classed as a trout stream and I believe you can only use one rod and no prebating. Tight lines
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