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  1. I know big difference in money, my point was he was always responsive when I had issues. I feel for you, I've had similar a issue from a UK company with a 400. purchase and the worst thing imaginable to me is not getting a response for days to email and then the response I got was one sentence.
  2. Just to let you know, Simon has always been awesome with anything I've ordered, so I am going to go with this being a isolated issue. He's been always responsive to any issues or questions I have or had. Had some polo shirts I ordered being crazy tight, according to UK standards Im a 3-4 XL as opposed to the standard 2XLs I usually ordered, no issues, he's getting me replacement in monster size from boys at Korda and sending a non defective Trakker polo when they both come in. Regards, Joe Kalina
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