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  1. Also, if you make a lot ( big batch)and do not own a boilie gun or rolling table, you are going to wish you did. Rolling hundreds of boilies by hand is not fun after the first 25. ha ha making them is the fun part....... rolling.... not so much. IMO

  2. Sorry about getting off topic, but last year I was introduced to a 5 gal. bucket cover that is really great. Its call the Gamma Seal. Its a two part system for sealing 5 gal buckets thats perfect for carp fishermen. There is a plastic ring that snaps onto a 5 gal bucket and then the threaded cover that screws down onto that. Its easy to screw on and off. Plus, it does not leak even when knocked over. Home Depot and Lowes carry them. Im sure many guys are familiar with them already, but if you are not, check them out. Great product. $15-20.

    Yeah, I learned that the hard way. :bonk:

    I "usually" keep the lids on my buckets and put down a plastic tarp when I'm transporting any of the really messy stuff.

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