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  1. First off.... I like the Okuma brand, but I would like to share with you some thoughts on the Coronados. I bought two from bass pro about 2 years ago. By the end of the first month of use, I had lost ( they fell off) both little plastic caps that cover the screws that tighten the handle to the reel. Not the end of the world but aggrivating none the less. 6 months in, both bait runner engaging levers began to fail. Sometimes they would engage, sometimes not. Now, I always flip then manually just to be sure. And lastly... This past Feburary I was reeling in a small carp of approx. 8lbs and the reel completly broke into my hands. The entire reel broke away from the reel seat. Granted, it was cold that day but I was just reeling in a fish. The reels are plastic bodied. A fact that I pay attention to now.... when purchasing new reels.

    Good News: Even though the reels were past the warrenty period, Okuma repaired/replaced the entire reel body (they did not just give me a new reel). They actually replaced just the reel body and tuned up the reel too. I paid just for shipping.

    Bottom Line: Okuma Good

    Coronados : Not so much... In my opinion.

  2. Another vote for Green BG mono. I ues the 15 and 17 lb. No problems. I have yet to break off a fish due to the line. As a matter of fact,,,,,,, when I get snagged, Im surprised how much tention it takes before something gives. IMO

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