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    Title:   A Day of Firsts and Pleasant Surprises

    Location:     Massachusetts

    By:  Todd Richer


    Today’s first surprise actually occurred very early in the morning during this year’s FFF.  After waking up at 6:00, I immediately started the coffee pot and quickly took a look at the thermometer to see what I was going to be dealing with outside.   Surprise #1:  A mild 35 degrees!!   I realize to some, 35 degrees may still seem cold but considering today was January 1st and I was in New England,  35 degrees would be considered balmy.   Last year, it was 19 degrees when I got up and the two previous years were not that much better.  On top of all this, the forecast for the day was” possibly 40 degrees”!!   If I went fishless today,  bad weather conditions and too cold would not be on my list of excuses.


    The second surprise of the day didn’t occur until I actually reached my fishing destination.  Leading up to this year’s FFF, there was no shortage of talk regarding space availability at the “pond”.   Last year, when I showed up at about the same time there were several, more hearty anglers already there that had apparently started much earlier than I did.  Lucky for me, they were all great guys (and gals) and they quickly welcomed me and made room for me.  This year I wondered during the ride over there if I would be as lucky…  Would there be enough room for me to fish??  Big surprise #2:  The parking lot was empty!!  What??  Nobody else there…..  Not only would there be enough room, but I had the entire place to myself!     I actually looked at my phone to double check the date and time!  Even as I write this story, I’m still not sure where everybody else was.   Not being one to “look a gift horse in the mouth”, I quickly unloaded my truck and hustled down to the water’s edge and began fishing.


    One hour quickly turned into two and I had yet to see any action.  At this point, I decided to pick up all my gear and move to another spot on the pond in an effort to change my “luck”.  Also, at this time I decided to change my tactics as well.  I put away my ‘standard “ rig and tied on a new cage feeder that I had recently built on the advice of fellow CAG member and friend Dean Brooks.  Surprise #3:   Bang!  Two fish in quick succession within 10 minutes after moving and using my new cage feeder. They were not big but I was on the board and I caught them on something I had made myself.  I compared it to catching fish on boilies you made yourself or a Bass on a homemade lure. Gratifying for sure..  Soon after, I had another run but unfortunately, that one did not result in a hook up.




    The fast action of the last 1.5 hr. quickly dissolved and I found myself sitting another two hours without a bite. Despite the reasonable temperatures, I was starting to get cold and tired and I considered “taking” my two fish and calling it a day.  At this point, my friend and fellow CAG member Dave Pickering showed up to try his luck after going fishless in another swim earlier in the day.  Needless to say, it didn’t take Dave very long to get a bite and he quickly had his first fish of the year in the net.   I decided to hang in there after seeing Dave get that fish and in the next 2 hrs. We combined for another 3 small carp and the last of the surprises for the day.  Overall, great day –great fun.



  2. YES!!   That is certainly ODD looking!    Cringe.......  


    Most probably a Fantail.  A koi/common mix . Very Nice fish. Well done.  In the future, if you hold the fish horizontally while supporting it, it makes so much more of a great picture and probably less "stressful" for the fish.

    Thanks for sharing....

  3. BB,

    A backlead, simply put is a lead that you attach to your line (slide on) after casting.  The lead remains close in front of you. Therefore pulling the line down close to the bottom.  You could also try keeping your rod tips down, very close to water level.  This helps with surface weed more than thick stuff.  Good Luck

  4. Once again, I would like to compliment Frank Rink regarding his level of organization AND follow up with another fishing event.  Despite being a 1000 miles from the event, I had read about it earlier in the week and was curious to hear about the results.

    Alas, I awake this morning to find a complete wrap up of the  results from yesterdays event with great pictures also. Can't ask for much more than that..

    We should all take note... ( Myself included. )    Great Job Sir!!    

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