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  1. YES!!   That is certainly ODD looking!    Cringe.......  


    Most probably a Fantail.  A koi/common mix . Very Nice fish. Well done.  In the future, if you hold the fish horizontally while supporting it, it makes so much more of a great picture and probably less "stressful" for the fish.

    Thanks for sharing....

  2. BB,

    A backlead, simply put is a lead that you attach to your line (slide on) after casting.  The lead remains close in front of you. Therefore pulling the line down close to the bottom.  You could also try keeping your rod tips down, very close to water level.  This helps with surface weed more than thick stuff.  Good Luck

  3. Once again, I would like to compliment Frank Rink regarding his level of organization AND follow up with another fishing event.  Despite being a 1000 miles from the event, I had read about it earlier in the week and was curious to hear about the results.

    Alas, I awake this morning to find a complete wrap up of the  results from yesterdays event with great pictures also. Can't ask for much more than that..

    We should all take note... ( Myself included. )    Great Job Sir!!    


    Recently on the Forum, somebody started a thread titled " flavors" that had me thinking a lot about it.  The member started the post by asking what were some of the flavors that people preferred at certain times of the year.  it didn't take long for members from all over the country to list their top choices. I wont bore you with all the responses but there were manyyyyyyy.  My point is that everything catches carp at some point. By everything, I mean reasonable flavors .... peach, pineapple, fruity, halibut, vanilla etc... And.... hook baits are the same.  Maize, Sweetcorn, boilies, imitations, chickpeas, puffs.  I know this is nothing new here but  in my opinion... use what works for you at that given time.  Use what you have.  Don't go chasing the belief that Crayfish Boilies made by XYZ Bait Co. is the best in summer or whiskey flavored maize out fishes everything in the Fall.  It just aint so....   Confidence is the key and presentation for sure.   Carp fishing can be as hard or as easy as you wish to make it. 


  5. Brian,

    Thanks for sharing that link.  Great tips for sure.  I have always felt that just knowing a few basic tips regarding photography greatly enhances most shots.  I started paying better attention to sunlight and backgrounds a few years back and I believe my photos have gotten much better.  Something so simple as having your subject remove their baseball cap before posing with a fish makes all the difference.   Good Stuff..   Thanks again.



  6. Dear CF,

    Ive missed so much in the last two weeks.  I have been thinking about you a lot.  I have been checking online everyday and night since you left, wondering if you were ever going to come back.  I realize now,that I may not have been the best member at times and I'm sorry that I may have taken you for granted.  But now that you are back,  things are going to change!    I promise!   Please! don't ever leave me again.


    P.S.  You may hear some rumors about me visiting something called Facebook and YouTube a lot while you were gone, but I promise that is over now .  Welcome Back! 

    P.S.S.   You look really good too!

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