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  1. Kudos to Iain Sorrell and Co.with the great job they did hosting the On The Water TV crew on the CT. river.   Great Job!  I thoroughly enjoyed the show.     Its really nice to see the On The Water program doing these carp shows.  Last year it was Dave Pickering hosting them in Rhode Island for some Mirror carp and now Iain doing it in Conn.   Way to go guys!! 

  2. I had an interesting experience with boats this past season that really surprised me. A friend and I were fishing a popular urban river here in New England that hardly sees any motor boat activity. A few kayaks now and then but rarely a motor. Long story short....

    The local Fire Dept, was conducting training this summer evening and every 15 mins or so , they were quickly buzzing right through the middle of the river directly over our baits with a small 14ft. V-Hull. The river is not big (wide or deep) by any means and we could see and smell the bottom of the river churning up every time they came by. The funny part was that we caught 3 fish that evening and all were runs that happened within one minute of the boat going over the baits. This happened 3 times in a row. If I was not there to witness this , I would not have believed it. It was to the point that we were waiting / wanting the boat to go by so we could get more runs..

    Full Disclosure: My friend Tom had all 3 runs and all 3 catches. My rods were silent. We were fishing side by side and using the same bait.

  3. Boiled field corn will keep reasonably well for a few weeks. (3-4 weeks). keeping cool/cold is better. Outside in the fall is good. Even when it starts to get a little mold on it , I just rinse it in the bucket and pour out the nasty water and your good to go again. It really takes a good long while before its really unusable. IMO. Just start with smaller batches at first. Good luck

  4. I just thought of another positive of using these products....... If you're a hunter, there is a decent chance that while you are waiting for carp to bite in your swim, an 8point might pay you a visit. lol Now wouldn't that be funny.....?

  5. Brian, Thank you for your response, but my question still remains......???

    How come a carp can stay out of the water for 8-10 mins. without much harm. ( they swim away strong and quickly)

    If a Bass stayed out for 8-10 mins. it would be struggling and in need a lot of reviving to swim away. Possibly not make it..

  6. What is it about Carp that enable them to stay out of the water longer and yet still remain healthy?

    How are they different from a Bass or Perch or Pike. Somebody posed this question to me and I struggled to give them a good answer.

    I know it to be true but I don't know why......



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