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  1. Brian, Thank you for your response, but my question still remains......???

    How come a carp can stay out of the water for 8-10 mins. without much harm. ( they swim away strong and quickly)

    If a Bass stayed out for 8-10 mins. it would be struggling and in need a lot of reviving to swim away. Possibly not make it..

  2. What is it about Carp that enable them to stay out of the water longer and yet still remain healthy?

    How are they different from a Bass or Perch or Pike. Somebody posed this question to me and I struggled to give them a good answer.

    I know it to be true but I don't know why......



  3. Probably just as well....... I went down there tonight and found the area to be a total #### hole! Whomever was fishing there recently really left the place in poor condition. Obviously they don't know the common courtesy rule about "taking out ,what you bring in". A few years ago, that was a special - secret spot I would bring my kids and friends down to and help them catch their first carp. Now it looks like a dump!! Old rusty chairs that were brought down to the river have been discarded and thrown into the river. Trash, milk crates, fire pits with burnt trash in them, old trees have been cut or broken,and beer bottles. And to top it all off, a big ugly sun shelter/ canopy that was constructed with trash materials and now has been left to fall apart and be swept away by the river. A real shame. Its no wonder the fishing has turned off, the carp are probably disgraced and pissed off too. Anyway, Good Luck with the rest of the season. Hopefully, I'll run into you and your friends on the bank again real soon. Take Care.


  4. Hey Jacob, I didnt notice before, but I think I recognize where you caught this fish.. Is that the spot where I first met your friend Tom P? I like to call it" the sandbank.". Is it right near a little drainage creek that dumps into the river?? I think Ive noticed you and your friends cars parked on the side of the road near there...

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