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  1. They are all entered on facebook from both cag and facebook

    Brian, I mean no disrespect when I ask you this but, shouldn't it be the other way around??? Shouldn't a Dues Paying Member have the preferential option here?? I could be wrong ... but isn't this a CAG event/contest?? Why do I need to go to Facebook to see their entries? I would think the Facebook members should have to come to the CAG site to see all the entries. You mentioned in your reply that "all are entered on Facebook from both CAG and Facebook". Why cant it be done both ways?? ( All of the FB and CAG entries are entered on CAG also?? I tried going onto Facebook prior to writing this post to see if I could in fact, access the entries, but I was unable to find them. No doubt, because I do not have a FB account.

  2. On a side note..... Im going to assume that this is a "Facebook " entry fish as I did not see it on the July Carp of the Month post on the CAG forum. ??

    If that is the case, couldn't we find a way to include All entries (facebook/ CAG members) onto one common thread??

  3. Most of the time, I am fishing a semi tight line. If a drop back occurs ( not very often) I'll get a quick beep anyway. At that point I will snug up my line and see if anything is there. Some guys my say that Im probably missing a lot of fish but I disagree. If you really want to spend your money and fine tune your presentation to the max..... Get swingers. My point was that you can easily catch carp without them. JMP Good Luck Shalome.

  4. Skeet, I tried to IM you but it would not go through. ??? Anyway, I have a question. What is the brand name of the range cubes you use?? I go to tractor Supply and nobody knows what Im looking for.. What kind of packaging? bag? Box? Please help


    P.S. Good luck with the boys..

  5. My expectations were not exactly high as I headed out last week for a quick 2.5 hour evening session with my friend. I say this because it is the Month of July and we all know July can be tuff. Earlier in the day, the temps reached 85 and at 6:00pm it was still hot and sticky. The second reason for my doubts were that

    the water level at the spot we were fishing was extremely low. The city was doing maintenance work on the boat ramp and they dropped the water at least 6 ft to conduct repairs. Despite not seeing much surface action in the shallow waters, my friend and I decided to give it a go anyway. The first hour was quiet. Not a beep. At 7:00 my friend finally got a run. After a quick fight, he landed a nice 12 lb.mirror. That was encouraging. The next hour went by and all I got was a massive snapping turtle for my efforts. It was now 8:15pm and we were getting ready to call it a night when all of a sudden my alarm started to sing... My friend yelled out " that's not a turtle!"" I laughed and began the fight. It stayed deep at first and bulldozed along the bottom but finally it gave up and slid into the net. It certainly was not a record breaker but a 24.8 oz brute on a steamy July night was more than enough to make me smile.


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