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  1. Jangel,

    How big is the lake?

    What do you estimate the carp population to be?

    What's the average size fish?

    What will you pre-bait with?

    How much bait will you put in?

    How many times and at what intervals will you pre-bait?

    What bait will you fish with?

    The answers to these questions will help to plan a baiting/fishing strategy for when you're actually on the lake (I assume it's a lake).

    All the best...... Bill D.

  2. Looks like we'll be moving down to the Greenville area next year. Has anyone fished Lake Hartwell or Lake Keowee? How about the Saluda river? Appreciate any information you might want to share....... Bill D.

  3. Instant baits (ie.those made on a semolina/soy/maize meal base and heavily flavored) are very good for short session fishing and also for carp that are new to boilies. The use of dips, glugs and sprays also works, especially in the short term. I agree with the statement that our waters are too big, with not enough carpers to over saturate an area but food based boilies are far superior in the long run.

    Why? Simply put, bigger fish like an easy meal and whether we understand it or not carp and other animals have an innate sense of what is good for them. The use of a bait with a high food value is a good approach if you plan to fish a lake or river in the long term. Firstly, the more you introduce and fish with it the better your results will be. You do not have to constantly change flavors and colors which many people are obsessed with. Simply put, a good bait will last years, even decades.

    Personally, I use instant baits initially on new waters but when I am fishing waters regularly and also fishing for big fish I will use the best quality bait I can either make or buy. I can also use relatively small amounts of bait to get good rewards.

    For the most part if you are fishing shorter sessions and fishing multiple locations then instant baits are fine, but food baits do have their place. Depends what feeding situation you are trying to create.

    My advice to people just starting to make their own baits would be to read Brookesy's post.... and then read it again!!

    I would add that fishing boilies over a bed of particles has been the most productive "big fish" method for me over the years.

    If anyone is interested I could post more on this approach.......Bill D.

  4. Paul,

    Interesting that you mention spam as a carp bait. I don't use it here in the States because the catfish go mad for it but back in the 1960s it was my favourite bait on an English syndicate water that we used to fish.

    Everyone was experimenting with different bait ideas in those days and the lake saw some interesting food combinations. My favourite, as I said, was spam. I used to cut it into a triangle and push the hook through the hypotenuse (the long side :glare: ) so that it was completely exposed. We'd call it side hooking now but back then, before the hair rig, the "bible" said that hooks had to buried in the bait so as to be invisible, so we were somewhat revolutionary in that approach. That said, it caught us a ton of fish and also gave me something to munch on in the wee small hours when crouched above the rods watching a washing up liquid top that served as a bobbin bite indicater (no bite alarms in those days either, unless you count a penny dropping onto a tin plate!!). Happy days, but I prefer the way we fish now. Just wish I could pop some spam on from time to time when the fishing gets a little slow.....

  5. 3oz's is absolutely not required for a 'bolt effect'. If you are fishing with a fixed or semi-fixed lead (bolt rig) then 1.5 to 2oz is more than enough. In fact I regularly use 1oz leads where possible and have no problem with losing fish or having them not bolt. I have caught carp to over 40lb's on 1oz to 2 oz leads. Generally, the only reason you need to increase the lead size is either due to current or if you want to cast further with heavier rods.

    Good luck.

    I agree. For short distance casting you need the lead to get your bait to where you need it to be. 1 oz will be fine for the bolt rig to be effective. I rarely use anything over 2oz and have never had any problems with hook-ups due the weight of the lead. If you're at all worried about the weight of the lead, then clipping up at the rod along with using a smaller lead is also an option.... Bill D.

  6. Fedex and sometimes UPS slam you with that so called "import taxes fee" . It has nothing to do with the US Customs or the government, It is a mafia style tax that these 2 companies hit you with. The best proof is the fact that they do it with stuff you buy from Canada, when the NAFTA treaty obviously forbids that. I also have friends in Canada and when they buy stuff from the US and use Fedex or UPS, same thing happens to them. Solution ? ANything you buy from abroad, Canada, Europe, Antarctica, only accept and choose shipping by post offices . No Fedex and no UPS. Johnson is a very good tackle company but they refuse to ship by mail, the best alternative IMHO is harrissportsmail.

    Yes, you're right...... BUT, fedex just charged me $80 on an order that went over $2500 and I got it the next day, from England!! the next day!!! It was worth the 80 bucks to me. On the last order I got from there, for about the same amount, I didn't get any surcharge at all.... go figure!!! ....... Bill D.

  7. Oh, Oh, there goes the neighbourhood.

    I'm also back on the forum Rob, as you know. Basically just lurking for now seeing if things have changed enough to make it worthwhile to participate.

    Looks like it might be a better deal with Bob in the driver's seat.... time will tell.

    Don't forget to let me know when you'd like to do a session with me and Wayne..... Welcome back (Kotter?)....... Bill D.

  8. This is a shout out and massive kudos to Johnson Ross Tackle shop in Herts. in the UK.


    I ordered three new rods and reels from this dealer on the weekend.

    They shipped them on Monday morning via Fedex and they arrived at my house in PA on Tuesday morning.

    I still don't know how that was possible.

    The order was very well packaged and everthing arrived in excellent condition.

    Anthony Johnson at the shop was extremely helpful while taking the order over the phone as were his staff members to whom I spoke about a couple of other items I'm looking into.

    Great service.

    I would recommend this organisation if you're contemplating shipping any gear from the UK.

  9. Marcus. Check this episode of Urban Outdoor Adventures. They did an episode on the lake a few years ago.

    One of my favourites from Shaun. We had the Boilie Shop back then and supplied him with all the bait for that trip. Boilies, pellet, flavours and glugs. They seemed to have a great time. Not too sad a day fishing with the twins either right?

    Bill D.

  10. The "buttery" flavour in Scopex is achieved by adding a chemical called Diacetyl.

    Back in the day we had two versions of Scopex analyzed, one from Hutchinson and the one I preferred which was from Nash.

    We made our own version which was closer to the Nash recipe and had great success with it. In fact we still make it and catch with it today.

    The biggest problem we found with the flavour was getting it to "cary" into the boilie mix. It would smell great in the liquid form but practically disappear when added to the mix.

    Solved it in the end by using a little more solvent (no pun intended!!) but it's one of those flavours where less is definitely more. If it smells really buttery to you, you're probably using too much.

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