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  1. Yes, you're right...... BUT, fedex just charged me $80 on an order that went over $2500 and I got it the next day, from England!! the next day!!! It was worth the 80 bucks to me. On the last order I got from there, for about the same amount, I didn't get any surcharge at all.... go figure!!! ....... Bill D.
  2. This is a shout out and massive kudos to Johnson Ross Tackle shop in Herts. in the UK. (www.johnsonross.co.uk) I ordered three new rods and reels from this dealer on the weekend. They shipped them on Monday morning via Fedex and they arrived at my house in PA on Tuesday morning. I still don't know how that was possible. The order was very well packaged and everthing arrived in excellent condition. Anthony Johnson at the shop was extremely helpful while taking the order over the phone as were his staff members to whom I spoke about a couple of other items I'm looking into. Great service. I would recommend this organisation if you're contemplating shipping any gear from the UK.
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