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  1. Can you imagine if this were a cat tournament? Wonder how many people would be choking down livers and garlic bolonga...
  2. How heavily fished is the area? That's has the potential to change the answers you get dramaticlly.
  3. Beautiful fish...the skinny one looks like the same one you caught a week or so ago too!
  4. Thanks bud It really means a lot to have guys step in and share their knowledge, I'll be using pankos pack with a cornpuff or some corn this weekend (y)
  5. At least your unhooking mat has a double purpose now congrats though, on both accounts!
  6. No selfie with the mat!? I'm disappointed! lol jk... Beautiful fish...and comfy lookin chairs too lol
  7. Hell there's lots of panfish around and they love the corn, I could care less what I catch just wanna get the lines wet! lol
  8. Thinking about heading out to the lake for a bit Sunday, water temps are about 35-40 degrees and I was wondering what would be the best bait to use in the colder waters?
  9. Beautiful story...it's similar to the first fish I caught as well...lived across from Muskingum river as wee lad and walked over one day, put my tiny rod in the water with a plastic worm and pulled out what I believe now to be a 5-8lb common, shame I didn't release it...put it in a bucket and tried to keep it as a pet lol
  10. I've tried Krogers O.O is it under a different name ?
  11. Probably around $500 or so, where in the heck do you find semolina? I've looked all over the state of Ohio and haven't found a place yet, even went up to Mesopotomia lol
  12. I always thought I was using too much base mix...I'll have to experiment a bit next time I knock up a batch...thanks carphammer!
  13. Dang Bob! You're making me feel bad for not being able to get out! By the time I get around to the banks the fish will already be filled to the brim with your baits haha
  14. Could anyone recommend a decent rod/reel for me? I've been using a combo I picked up at a sporting store forever ago and it's starting to see the end of days coming up on it... Also another question : When trying to use my boilie gun/table, it seems the mix is too sticky, would that just be solved by adding a bit of extra oils to the mix?
  15. Yeah it is way down past 3 feet, not sure of how familar you are with the area but it's showing bottom all the way up towards the docks.
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