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  1. Josh Morris Josh Texas No
  2. Thanks for being nice to me on my first ATC. No need though, I hope I get to call you out for 30/1 lol.
  3. Josh

    ATC 2017 questions

    Any update on the pegs yet?
  4. In. Finally get to do it.
  5. Great place to fish. We got lucky with the weather and multiple 20 pd buffs caught. Got to meet some great ppl. Any plans for the next fish in May yet?
  6. Hey guys hope all is well. Any future fish ins planned in tx next month? I do not see anything on the calendar. Just would like to see fish ins posted in advance to plan accordingly. I know it's often posted on facebook but I sometimes miss the posts or see them with little time to schedule off, get babysitters, coordinate rides, dog sitters, etc. I realize there are times when last minute plans happen. Thanks for the time.
  7. Still need a partner.
  8. I'm going to need a partner as well so if anyone is interested or in need of a partner let me know. Text me 904 703 5504
  9. Thanks Willem, for the help. Josh Morris, lewisville texas. I am going to need a partner for the ATC. Neil Stern and Carl Norris can probably give a descend referral.
  10. I need a partner and do not really know alot of the guys. The ones I do know probably already have a partner so if anyone is interested or in need of a partner let me know. This will be my first ATC so thought it would be a good idea to reach out in advance.
  11. As some members have already mentioned I personally like heavier test curves. I use a pretty heavy lead 3oz or bigger. PvA bags or packbait. The downside is playing the fish in close as hook pulls occur as the rod tip is a little more stiff. Brian Wingard has some really, really good videos on YouTube and has always been a great source of information. Bigcarptackle.com has some very affordable carping gear. Hope this helps. Welcome to the team.
  12. Go to texaseliteangler.com. Clayton has some carp rig pics and summaries to help set them up. Also, Brian Wingard on youtube has tons of videos and information from basic rigs to more advanced. Hope this helps and good luck.
  13. Cc moore makes great boilies. Also, k1 baits is another place to start. World classic baits as listed above. As far as brands go, it's really up to the angler. My advise, try some of the brands I mentioned and you will be able to form your own opinion.
  14. Bigcarptackle.com has a wide variety.
  15. I agree. So far my CAG experience has been awesome and much better than expected. You, Neil, Willem, Brian Wingard and some of the other guys have been extremely helpful. Even on facebook I've messaged guys for advise or tips and everyone has been awesome..I'm going to be a member for the long haul.
  16. Luckily, alot of the guys...neil stern and carl norris usually inform me of the short notice fish ins. Usually, I have to give a three weeks notice for work for the smaller fish ins. Of course the big ones I'm able to give plenty of notice to attend. As Willem said facebook is also a good way to communicate and find out when some of the smaller ones take place. That's what I do anyway. Just friend request some of the guys as they are more than willing to help out.
  17. Yea Zack I agree, after reading willem's Facebook I never would have guessed him to be a constant party foul enthusiast. I mean who in their right mind throws away a perfectly good 40oz?
  18. Any news for any upcoming Texas fish ins? There isn't any listed on the event calender. I know some of us are fishing the big 4 but I think it would be great to get together in June somewhere. I like to experience new lakes but I have to give some notice to take the days off work.
  19. Glad someone caught. I spend 4 hrs staring at my pod. Of course the weather here in north Texas didn't help. Won't even mention the numerous buffalo that don't count!
  20. Thanks. I guess I'm in the same category...fluent in speaking sarcasm but only as necessary. I'm not easily offended and prefer honesty and being blunt over half a**, politically correctness any day.
  21. Willem, haven't met you yet but so far your awesome!
  22. I'm just waiting on Willem to give GPS coordinates to the best big carp lake. I'm sure it will be in Egypt (thanks, by the way) I got really confused while reading the forum to find the location at hominy.
  23. Carl that ain't fair lol, got me mid cast. My wife said no problem and your welcome. We'll make a carp angler out of her yet.
  24. And a pleasant surprise to me that totally mattered....my rod floats. Thanks to an oklahoma fisherman who was kind enough to take me out to recover my rod and reel. I'm sure Neil and Carl can explain that a lot better than I
  25. Neil, Carl and David, wanted to say had a great time talking with you guys and learned a lot from sharing a bank with you gentleman. Great weekend and a great fish in. Especially happy we all caught and got to know each other a little. My first CAG event couldn't have been any better. Thanks again for y'alls hospitality and sharing knowledge. Numerous fish were caught and it was a great time. My wife and I had a blast. Thanks again.
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