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  1. I had this same problem. It ended up being that I had such terrible line twist that i weakened the line a great deal.
  2. I found my nash S5's for about 24$ a piece on sale on carpkit and they are great. Shop around.
  3. that would be really awesome. Ill be up there starting sunday night through friday evening for the next 3 months. I will be sure to get ahold of you! thank you!
  4. Hey guys, I accepted a job about 4 hours north where Ill be working in both erie and niagra counties for the summer and was looking to see if there were any good carp fishing (or other species) opportunities to fill the nights with after work during the week to keep me from sitting in my hotel room. Im not looking for exact locations for anyones swims, mostly curious if bringing the gear along is worth it. Thank you in advance.
  5. I went out the day after I broke my PB with a 34.12 with a friend of mine as well as my dog and had an awesome day. Almost 20 fish landed in about 6 hours. All the fish averaged probable around 23 lbs. The final run of the day was my second 30 of the season at 31.8. Im thrilled with the way my season has begun! As you could see the temperature changed a lot through the day. haha
  6. Awesome pictures and trip Austin. Some truly amazing looking fish. Congrats to you and Brendan. I look forward to the bigcarpnews report.
  7. Do lots of reading and be patient!
  8. Which do you prefer? why? I've been using inline leads since i started carping 3 years ago, but am considering giving the lead clips a try.
  9. At my local TSC I pay 13$ for 50 lbs
  10. Thank you everybody. I havnt checked this since posting. I appreciate all the kind words. I got out today for a few hours and landed about 16 fish. including my second 30+ of the year! Report to follow soon.
  11. Thank you! Still buzzing about it. I know some catch way bigger. butim happy
  12. Today I got out for a bit after class and I wasn't sure what to expect. I got all set up and within moments had a run that seemed to be a decent fish. Maybe upper 20, but the fish managed to break me off. Following this I had about 3-4 short runs in 20 minutes. Fast forward about 3 hours of nothing and suddenly one of my rods explodes. I could tell when I hooked into the fish she was a good one. After one of the best fights I've ever had she was in the net and appeared massive to me.I carried her over to the mat and weigh sling after letting her rest a bit and She tipped the scale at 34lbs12oz. New PB!
  13. Man you are having some amazing results! congrats on the great looking fish.
  14. My local river is the susquhana. Ive learned in my short time in carp fishing to look for features such as shallower water, snags/hiding spots, and the slower water close to fast water. Im trying to broaden my selection of swims as well as trying to get away from some of the less desirable people in the area(Im sure you all know what i mean) What features do you guys tend to find success with? Thanks.
  15. Its always nice to get others interested. I actually got into fishing for carp through running into a local carp angler.
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