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  1. What I've been doing is throwing out sweet corn in a ten foot radius and and putting a hook with no weights or such out in the middle of it. it works great! also, the water level here fluctuates, so when the water gets low i go out and fish in this deep cove for them by kayak! i really enjoy fishing for these fish!
  2. Always compliment a successful fellow carper!
  3. Those are some great looking fish! Big too!
  4. never mind what i said, i probably will!
  5. i would if i had the money to pay for it!
  6. its from a reservoir branch of the chattahoochee river called Bull Sluice Lake. i live on the lake so I've been going out on my kayak to fish for them. I've caught a good amount so far! check out my topics to see pics.
  7. HUGE fish! i still need to catch a grasser, but the commons where i live get pretty big! heres a pic of an 18 pounder i caught:
  8. First Entry? 18 pounder caught off my dock on canned corn.
  9. That would be a great idea! i was also thinking about starting a service to teach those in my area how to fish for these gentle giants, and a club for those who enjoy fishing for them! if anyone wants to join the club, just pm me and we could make a plan to fish. i would be glad to have fellow fisherman over for a fish in at my dock! i also have a 2 person canoe and 3 kayaks for fishing elsewhere on the lake. I've been catching quite a few off my kayak in the cove by my house. Just message me for more info guys!
  10. I've already had a great outing with the cap! (see House Call)
  11. Oh yeah! the big ones dive down and pull the boat AND the anchor!
  12. Today i tried out something new, and had quite a bit of success! i went carp fishing from my kayak and caught 3 nice fish. one 10 pounder, one 9 and one 8. i even hooked into a GIANT carp (probably a grasser, they get HUGE where i live) but it got off by pulling till my poor excuse of a knot came undone. ) well i still had a great day and some good success! here are those beautiful fish (and my beautiful kayak! )
  13. Today I tried a new method of fly fishing for carp that I wouldn't really consider fly fishing! So what I did was I was using my usual method for fishing from my dock. I threw out sweet corn in about a ten-foot radius and put a free lined hook with sweet corn on it out in the middle of it all. But the thing is, that hook was just a plain hook with corn on it on a fly rod! I used 30 lb test braid as a 5 foot leader, and in the end the results turned out great! I hooked and landed an 8 pounder and a 12 pounder! no pix though, sorry! i would real recommend this method to the cape fishing enthusiasts seeking carp on a fly rod! Tight Lines, Tommy Baird
  14. thanks for all the congrats everyone!
  15. Tommy Baird

    Fishing Friends

    Looking for some fellow carp anglers in the atlanta area. i need some people to fish with in the summer. i live on the water by Morgan falls overlook park and catch carp off my dock regularly. the entirety of the water there is loaded with carp. pm me or reply to this topic if you would like to! i am only 14, but i am a great fisherman with a good bit of knowledge about the sport. Tight Lines, Tommy Baird
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