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  1. JZ_734

    Ann Arbor/Saline Carp

    Ok thanks for the help I appreciate guys!
  2. Hey so I was wondering if anyone has fished in the Saline area, I'm from Saline and caught a few carp from the river but does anyone else have experience in Mill Pond Park or any other parts of the Saline River? And if not Saline I'm always willing to try good spots in Ann Arbor if I know of decent areas to fish at. If anyone has any advice or help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. Hey I'm new to this site and I just wanted to say that I really like the site so far. I live in Saline Michigan and I was wondering if anyone has fished in saline at Mill Pond Park or anywhere along the Saline river. I have caught many in the 5-8lb range but haven't been able to locate any real big fish. If anyone has fished in the area around me I would appreciate the help! Thanks. - Joey Z
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